Monday, January 30, 2012

Bad Boys vs Nice Guys

Bad Boy or Nice Guy?
Okay, it would be nice to know once and for all which of the two would win for most women- the Bad Boy and all the problems he brings or the Nice Guy who won’t let you down.

Bad Boys like to ask you to do things you wouldn’t agree to on your own, which is part of their appeal. They can take you places you have never been, but they also are careless with your heart. What the body enjoys the soul may not.

Nice Guys make you feel safe and cherished. They aren’t adventurous, but they also put you before their own needs. You won’t be crushed, however it might get boring.

A purely Nice Guy can be tiring – sorry but you guys need to branch out of your comfort zone and ask your lady to come along.

A purely Bad Boy is toxic to the soul – shape up and start treating your ladies with a little respect, dudes. It’ll go a long way.

So what do you think?

Are you attracted to those Bad Boys or do you prefer the Nice Guys and why?

Me? I like my Nice Guy with Bad Boy tendencies – A man who wants me to be naughty but who cares about my feelings. A total yum!

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