Monday, January 30, 2012

What Turns You On?

Menage a Trois FMM
Of all the scenarios I have written, the one that is currently getting the most attention is Sensual Erotica: Boy Toys, the Menage a Trois with two guys and one girl. I wonder if it is most women’s fantasy. It certainly is a good one! Being the center of attention of two men seeking only to please you. Oh yes, that’s yum all the way…

But what about the master/slave fantasy? I certainly enjoy playing that one out in my mind. Anyone else like to daydream about it or do you live it out in real life?

What about sharing one guy between two girls? Nah, not for me. I want the man all to myself. (Selfish that way) But are there ladies who like having another woman in on the action? Would enjoy hearing from you!

Spanking is popular, but I hated getting spanked as a kid. I’ve always wondered if a paddle would feel better. Any of you ladies have fun experiences with either one?

Double penetration…a naughty one to contemplate. I like to daydream about it, but am not interested in doing it in real life. I’m just not into discomfort with sex. (Selfish that way)

Ooh, what about swapping partners? That is fun to fantasize about! My fear is if I were to do it in real life, I would get stuck with a loser while my partner gets a sexy hot thing.  Actually, I don’t think I could handle my honey doing it with anyone else. (Selfish that way)

So what turns you on?

It’s fun to share!


  1. A mans voice

  2. Sometimes it's the little things that turn me on. For example, a sensual smile, light touches, neck biting, etc. Other times I need my man to be rough. Hair pulling, hard spanking, hard nipple pulling, rough doggy style. All those things can really ramp up my need.

  3. Someone sucking my toes!

  4. Nails across my skin, having my boyfriend use the flogger on my back, being choked a little (for the pressure on my neck. Not, not being able to breathe)

  5. Being played with by my husband while restrained.