Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blissfully in Love, the Sequel

When I wrote Blissfully Snowbound, I really saw it as a single novelette. I was lucky to have fans who encouraged me to write a sequel. After pondering it for several weeks, the story took shape and Blissfully in Love came to be.

Have you ever loved someone so much that you would do anything?

Jenny is unsure how Ryan will react when she breaks the news that she is in love with Dan. The pivotal moment defines the depth of Ryan's love. In an act of ultimate devotion and passion, he gives Jenny her unspoken desire and shows her what it means to be blissfully in love as they move from being a couple to a menage a trois.

This steamy novelette, sequel to Blissfully Snowbound, explores how a couple moves from two lovers to three.

Jenny didn't want to fall in love with Dan during the blizzard, but their love is intense and undeniable... Now it is time to tell their respective partners the bad news. Jenny expects a terrible scene and her best friend Kelly does not fail to deliver. However, her longtime boyfriend surprises her by reacting far differently. Ryan loves Jenny too much to give her up, but also recognizes the passion that she and Dan share. In an act of deep love for her, Ryan brings Dan into their bed and into their lives.

A ménage a trois of one woman loving two men is born...

Adult Material (18+)

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