Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why do Indie Erotica Authors Publish Unedited Work?

The Secret Behind the Problem

Nothing is worse than getting into a hot and heavy scene and then stopping cold because of a misspelled word or a confusing phrase. 

I am an indie author who goes under an alias to write my erotica. Why? People who know me may not appreciate my craft. :) But it leaves me in a pickle. I can't ask friends to edit my work and being a new indie author I am not making enough money yet to pay for a professional.

Why Are There Errors?

I am not an editor at heart. I desperately want my books to be free of errors, but I have reread them so many times that I can't see the mistakes. My mind knows what I meant write and automatically replaces my mistakes. They look clean to me when I publish.

I use Microsoft Word to go through and check for errors, but we all know that it still misses obvious mistakes and sometimes the "fixes" are completely wrong.

It is my full intention to pay for an editor to go through all my work once I make enough money. It is extremely important to me.

The Reason My Indie Books Are Cheap

I price my books for free or 99 cents in the hope that my readers will overlook the mistakes and enjoy the content. I want to share my stories and trust that my readers will understand.


  1. There may be typos in your stories, but they are not so distracting that I notice. (I have seen some that I wonder if they proof them at all.) I have a little book review blog and I have sometimes helped out a friend of mine who is an indie horror author. It's tough being an indie author.


  2. Michelle, thank you for overlooking my errors. How awesome that your friend has you as support as he/she makes their way in the publishing world. It can be a bit daunting!

    I have a kind author and email friend, RE Butler, who is helping edit my erotica series as she has time so that I can make it all into one collection to put in book form. But she has her own writing to do, so I feel bad. :)

  3. I have just fallen in love with your stories. I ran across Troy and Amy's story on Thursday and I was so pulled in I had to read everything I could find that you wrote, I read everything in two days. I know, I have no life, I just finished Brie's story and now I am left waiting and wanting more!!! I am more than happy to assist with copyediting. I've worked as an editor in educational publishing for many years and would be happy to read your work free of charge to catch any typos you may have missed. I hope you are currently working on the next installment of Brie's training, I can't wait to read the rest!

    1. Readforfood,

      First, thanks for reading my books! I am thrilled that you like them. I definitely have been on a fun ride writing them. I would LOVE to have you proof my work. That is an amazing offer! Seriously, I was jumping up and down when I read your comment! Yeah! Contact me through and we can talk some more about it. :)

      You made my day!

      As far as Brie, yes I do have another one coming out. However I am working on a huge project right now that is demanding my time. Hopefully the next one will be out in a month or less. (Crossing fingers)