Friday, July 6, 2012

June Numbers for Red Phoenix on Amazon

If you write with love, it will show up in your work similar to when chefs bake love into their creations.  You can just taste it...

I was excited to see what June would bring. May had been such a good month, but I must admit that part of me feared it was a fluke. I am happy to say June exceeded all my expectations. The most I hoped for was to double my sales, but they tripled and I have my many readers to thank for that!

Not only did I publish the fifth in the Brie series this June, but I was also able to release the third in the Blissful Series. Two accomplishments I am proud of. Based on the reviews for both, I am thrilled that readers are happy with my newest work. :)

Again, all of my books are getting attention (sales/downloads) and that is gratifying. I love the characters I write about, so it's awesome that my older work is getting more notice now. Again, thank you.

For the Month of June 2012:

18,021 Total books sold
60,329 Total Freebies Downloaded

Best Sellers for the Month of June:

Paid - Brie Learns to Obey  4799, Brie Lives Her Fantasy 4134, and  Brie Learns Her Power as a Submissive 3766

Freebies - Deeper Baby! 17,317, Brie's First Day of Submissive Training 14,816 and Blissfully Snowbound 8550

* For the month of June I added two books on Amazon and another book went FREE. 
   (I now have a total of 11 freebies on Amazon.)

Quick Recap of Past Months:
Brie #5 is doing well.

May 2012:
6,079 books purchased
71,212 freebies downloaded


878 books purchased         
29,879 freebies downloaded 

693 books purchased
27,571 freebies downloaded 

298 books purchased         
12,386 freebies downloaded

What I am Learning:

You can see that my freebie downloads are starting to slow. (Although, who can complain when the paid ones jumped up so high?) However, what it tells me is that an author needs to keep writing and moving forward. You can't sit back and expect your older books to carry on like they have. Bring something new to the table but always, ALWAYS have fun in the process. I think if you start to overwork yourself to the point of resentment or publish a book too soon due to pressure, it will only end up hurting you.

Here's an example: I was set to publish Blissfully Broken in May. I thought I was ready but my editor, Tameika Ortiz, and my beta reader both said it was lacking. I postponed the release and retooled it. My readers expect and deserve only my best - deadline or no deadline.

I shall update you next month to see how July pans out. Thanks for joining me on this journey. I hope it will encourage other aspiring writers to take the leap. :) 


  1. Yippee! I knew that people would sooner or later see what I've known for sometime now. You are one of the best erotica writers out there! I am so very happy for you, my friend!

  2. I think that's truly amazing, well deserved and I'm overly ecstatic for you! I hope it continues to grow to great lengths and more discover your talent!


  3. Thank you, my awesome peeps! It is fun knowing that you two discovered my books before they were "popular". Been with me from the beginning...



  4. Yay! I'm so pleased for you, Red. I've bought and read 15 of your books now (including some of your free ones) and I think it was only about 6 weeks ago since I discovered your first Brie novelette (and the first work I read by you) after reading the 50 Shades trilogy.

    You and 50 Shades have inspired me to start writing my own little story :-)

    P.S. I'm Jen on Goodreads :-)