Sunday, December 2, 2012

On the Second Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A little morsel of Boooyyy Toys...

Once I finished writing Loving Amy, I was driven to find out what happened to Amy after her heart was broken. I incorporated an encounter from my past that I hold dear to my heart. Ménage à trois - what could be sweeter than two handsome men making love to one lucky young lady?

Excerpt from the short story Boy Toys: 
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'New' Troy stood up, holding his hand out. She took it and he helped her to her feet. The two men slowly undressed her, caressing her skin as they removed each piece of clothing. She’d never felt so pampered.
“Why don’t you lay your head on the arm of the couch?” Greg suggested.
Amy moved over to the couch. “Scoot up a little more.” She did as he asked and quickly understood his request when Troy stood next to her. His groin was exactly in line with her mouth. He unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to the floor. She couldn’t help noticing his erect penis pushing against the thin material of his boxers. Troy quickly shed them as well, leaving her gazing at his well-endowed manhood. Amy looked down at Greg. He was pulling off the last of his clothing. Greg’s chest was more muscular than his cousin’s and darker because of his brown chest hair. Amy smiled. Naked is a good look for him.
Greg sat on the couch. “Open your legs for me, Amy.” She slowly spread her legs apart, swallowing hard.
“Amy,” Troy said. She looked up at him. “I want you to suck my cock.” She nodded, grateful for the distraction. He moved closer and she grasped his hard shaft in her hand. She began with gentle strokes up and down, sticking her tongue out and tasting his precome. It was tangy, but not unpleasant. Then she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and began sucking. He stroked her long red hair and leaned forward to play with her full breasts.
All the while Greg was making steady progress up her thigh - taking it slow, building the anticipation. Every kiss burned like fire on her skin. It was the first time someone was going down on her and she felt almost virgin-like. When Greg’s lips finally made it to her clit, she jumped. Greg slipped his finger inside her tight pussy and stroked that sensitive spot he found before. Then he started flicking his tongue against her bashful clit.
Amazing! Her pussy started burning, followed by the tingling sensation deep in her core. The faster he stroked her, the hotter her pussy became until it felt like it was on fire. She didn’t know how to control the sensation. Then she remembered Troy Dawson’s words and she reminded herself to let go - let it happen.
She turned her attention back on new Troy. She stopped sucking his cock and pushed her head back over the arm of the couch. She guided his cock back into her mouth, taking it as if he was fucking her pussy. She couldn’t deep throat him but with the perfect stroke of her hand, she could make it feel like her mouth was fucking his whole dick. She sucked hard, moving her hand up and down rapidly. Troy groaned and began pinching her nipples.
The heat in her pussy had grown to unbearable levels. She tried not to concentrate on it, choosing instead to focus on making Troy climax. He said gruffly, “Do you want me to pull out before I come?”