Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cover Reveal and Chapter Titles for the Last Brie AG by Red Phoenix

Brie AG #8 is coming out Sept 29th!

Just a few more days before you can get your lovely hands on the last of the After Graduation series. So much happens in this one! It has been difficult for me to keep it all inside, but soon I will be sharing the thrilling conclusion with you all!

I love this cover designed by the talented Viola Estrella.

As an added bonus I am including a sneak peek at the chapter titles so you can taste what you are in for! :)

Birthday Presents
Condor Devotion
Exchanging Places
Dinner with Gallant
Best Intentions
Confronting the Beast
Excitement at the Haven
The Wolf Bares His Heart
Lea’s Erotic Gift
… On the Way to the Theater
The Aftershock
Farewell and Good Riddance


  1. Gorgeous cover! Jimmy looks dreamy as usual! Counting the sleeps till I can download. Thank you, but what will I read after I finish sob sob sob?

  2. Red can you post link to the book on amazon as soon and you know it's available. I still can't see it for sale.

  3. I am also impatient. It is almost noon and can wait no longer!

  4. it is 2:30 pm in Denver and I can't buy it yet. where is it?

  5. when is it available cus its not on any sites I been to and its 8:46 at night