Friday, December 5, 2014

Dec 2014: Brie Practices Her Oral Skills by Red Phoenix

This book was so exciting for me to write, I actually got goosebumps planning it. Why? Because this was my chance to share with the world the joys and techniques of oral pleasures. This book also showcases the humorous line, "I googled it, Sir."

When I wrote it, I was unsure what my fans would think because it has an uncomfortable scene. To my joy and pleasure this has become a life-changing favorite, enhancing partnerships everywhere. Yay!

* Sadly, because of the title, Amazon has deemed it too adult for regular searches making it impossible to find on their site unless you remove the adult filter. Such a shame...

Excerpt of Brie Practice her Oral Skills:

Her loins contracted in pleasure and fear. An assistant entered the stage and handed Sir a strip of red satin. He looked down at Brie tenderly. “I don’t want your hands to be a distraction for you this time.”
Sir tied her wrists together behind her back. She was grateful. Not having control of her hands would allow her to focus better. He stood before Brie again, his cock stiff and hungry for her.
“Open yourself to me.”
She trembled. The way he said it was sexy and romantic. He wasn’t treating her like a hole to be fucked; he was asking her to give a part of herself.
“If it pleases you, Sir,” she whispered hoarsely. She opened her lips to his manhood.
He gathered her hair with one hand and used it to guide her onto his cock. He gradually forced her mouth farther down his shaft. 

Fan made quoted pic for Brie Practices

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  1. I have learned so much from Brie and I have enjoyed it all Thank You

  2. this was one of my favorites I love the scene with miss Clark just kept you on your toes laughing so hard loved it so much