Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Brie's Russian Treat by Red Phoenix is HERE!

I am happy to announce that Brie's Russian Treat is out on Amazon, B&N and Smashwords!

This story poured out of me. I just love it when Sir, Rytsar and Brie get together. Please enjoy!

Love, Red

Brie's Russian Treat: 

Rytsar Durov - fine vodka with a side of sadism...

Rytsar has always held a piece of Brie’s heart ever since he made her fantasy come true at The Submissive Training Center. Now her Master is taking her back to Russia to meet with his old friend. Time spent in Moscow will lead to fist fights, hot scenes, challenging requests, and an afternoon of fiery passion.

In this fifth novella of the Submissive in Love series be prepared to quiver, purr and laugh out loud as you join Brie in Moscow - a land of mystery, pain, and deliciously wicked sex.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Red Phoenix: 5 Reasons Christian Couples Should Not Be Shamed for Enjoying 50 Shades of Grey

Here’s what I know, speaking only from my own experience and understanding as a Christian:

Imagination is from God 
He gave us minds that contemplate the Universe although we can’t see it beyond the confines of this Earth. I think the same can be said about enjoying erotic fantasies in a book/movie. There is no harm as long as the persons involved keep in mind it is just fantasy, which main purpose is to bring you closer to your spouse.

God is Love 
The Creator who made us gave us bodies that experience pleasure and I firmly believe He wants us to enjoy the bodies we’ve been given. What harm is there when a married couple decides to explore the world of sensation together as long as both are consenting and committed to each other?

When in Doubt Trust the Spirit
It seems as if some in the Christian community feel the need to protect people from themselves, but in the end we have to trust God. Christians do not follow man; we follow the Creator of the Universe. He checks our spirits when we step off the path He is guiding us on. We have to trust that if Christians feel that something is “harmful” to them, that they will be responsible and pull back.

We Are Not To Judge 
Even though Jesus created wine from water, there are those who can’t drink a drop of liquor without losing control. Does that mean all of us must stop drinking wine? No, but those that struggle with it must listen to their spirits and avoid the trigger. If you feel seeing 50 Shades is a trigger for you, don’t see it. However, that does not give you the right to shame others that do. We are not to judge each other, Jesus speaks specifically about that!

God Gave Us a Brain
Woman and men checking out the movie understand that it is fiction. This is a romantic film with a touch of kinky sex. That’s it.

* FYI, I am a happily married Christian woman who plans to see the movie next week.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Red Phoenix: EL James Opened the Doors for Couples to Communicate About Sex

I'm very excited about the upcoming movie "50 Shades of Grey", and personally wish EL James much success.

I am deeply grateful to her because BDSM isn't a dirty word anymore, erotica is cool, and talking to people about your sexual desires is no longer taboo. Heck, little old ladies in beauty salons are chatting about 50 Shades and what they like and didn't like!

I had no idea who EL James was when I started writing Brie Learns the Art of Submission, but I would months later because of all the 50 Shade fans who were curious and wanting to know more about the lifestyle she introduced in her series.

For me, the biggest benefit to this phenomenon has been couples talking to one another - finally talking. As I have learned after 20 years of marriage, once you let your guard down and share your sexual fantasies with your partner, a whole new world of exploration opens up. I've never been closer to my husband, and we still have a lifetime of exploration to enjoy!

I honestly hope the movie does well, and that fans of her books are well-pleased with the results. The fact is EL James' continued success means more couples talking and exploring that intimate side of themselves - and frankly, that is the most valuable blessing of all.

Here's to a kickass February 14th debut, Ms. James!

~Red Phoenix