Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Brie's Russian Treat by Red Phoenix is HERE!

I am happy to announce that Brie's Russian Treat is out on Amazon, B&N and Smashwords!

This story poured out of me. I just love it when Sir, Rytsar and Brie get together. Please enjoy!

Love, Red

Brie's Russian Treat: 

Rytsar Durov - fine vodka with a side of sadism...

Rytsar has always held a piece of Brie’s heart ever since he made her fantasy come true at The Submissive Training Center. Now her Master is taking her back to Russia to meet with his old friend. Time spent in Moscow will lead to fist fights, hot scenes, challenging requests, and an afternoon of fiery passion.

In this fifth novella of the Submissive in Love series be prepared to quiver, purr and laugh out loud as you join Brie in Moscow - a land of mystery, pain, and deliciously wicked sex.

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  1. Fantastic! It was purchased and read before noon! Such a great dynamic between Sir, Brie, and Rytsar. I will be rereading many times. Thank you for another awesome book!