Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Houston RT Readers and Writers Roundup 2015: 7 Reasons Why It Was Unlike Any Other Conference - by Red Phoenix

I have been to quite a number of conferences these last few years, including my first at AAD in Savannah, RT in Dallas and a lovely, smaller genre-specific one, KallypsoCon in Seattle.

However, I have never experienced anything like the Houston RT Roundup. It was an event like no other!

Let me share some of the reasons why:

1) Kathryn Falk (the founder of RT) had us picked up by bus Friday morning. Normally at a con, we authors tend to either stick with other authors in our genre or friends we have made at other conferences. I had the rare and wonderful opportunity to spend time with authors I'd never met before. We bonded during the Nolan Ryan museum and on the bus ride the adorable Ms. Julie taught me the ropes of phone social media.

Cameo, Mitzy, Kristina, myself, Sharon and handsome Nolan in back!

My new friend and social media guru, Julie Moffett

2) The bus took us on to Kathryn's farm for lunch. I have never been treated with such hospitality and appreciation as an author than during this event. It was more than a gathering of authors; we were treated as if we were dear friends.

Talk about Texas hospitality!

I had fun feeding her delightful animals, drinking the best margaritas ever, and eating delicious food including the best damn tamale of my life! (Is there a way for me to get more? My husband is so sad I didn't bring him one - but the question is would I share? Not so sure... Yep, they were THAT good.)

I also got the privilege of sitting next to the author, and sweet soul, Chloe Barlow - a first for me. Such fond memories of our conversations...

Feeding Bambi

The beautiful Chloe Barlow

Maker of the best Tamales!
The kind DJ who played
"Like a Rhinestone Cowboy" for me!

The Kemah Gang!

But that's not all, folks...

3) A group of us were taken to the Kemah Boardwalk afterwards and bonded even more as we had a freakin' blast. We rode the rides, but only Sunny and I were brave enough to try the bone-breaking wooden roller coaster! LOL

Sierra, Susan, and me!

4) Then we all gathered at the bar Friday night to hang with authors, bloggers and readers. Everyone was so welcoming & friendly. I spent time with Sierra and Susan, as well as their significant others and a lovely reader from England known for her beautiful cakes. 

**And this was JUST the first day** 

5) I loved participating in the 4-hour signing on Saturday. Not only did I get to spend quality time with my fans, but I met a bunch of awesome bloggers and authors! There was such a feeling of comradery amongst the group.

And that chicken salad sandwich in my lunch box after the signing - to DIE for. I didn't realize I could be so excited about food until this conference. LOL

Signing table in Houston 2015

6) I was also given the honor of doing a presentation on something I am deeply passionate about - Safe, Sane BDSM! It was humbling that so many people came to the event. 

A packed house for my Erotic Seminar
7) To top it off, we were treated to a wonderful breakfast the next morning, and Kathryn gifted all of us with delicious organic honey to take home.

The lovely Kathryn Falk!
I feel so spoiled after going to this conference - I'm not sure it can ever be topped. Thank you to Kathryn and ALL the people who helped to make this incredible event a reality. It is something I will never forget and will look back on with great fondness in the years to come!

Hugs and blessings,


  1. What a beautiful post, Red! :)

  2. Love reading your post and wish I was there to everything!!! :)