Sensual Erotica

Red Phoenix - Yep, that's me!

Sensual Erotica Started It All

A lowly beginning writer decides to delve into the hot and steamy world of erotica. She writes a little short and calls it Loving Amy (her first attempt at erotica). She can't help but wonder what lies in Amy and Troy's future, so she keeps writing about the couple...

The "quickies" are of past experiences and sexy fantasies the writer has enjoyed. Each one a little hot bed of sexiness she can't help reading over and over again. So yummy! Turns out other people enjoy them too, and the series Sensual Erotica is born.

From Red - Great sex hinges on the satisfaction of everyone involved. Sensual Erotica Series consists of stand alone scenarios to get you in "the mood", but they are also interconnected. Choose the situations you find alluring. I lovingly call the series "The Sexual Adventures of T&A." Follow the lives of Troy & Amy as they make their way in the world and hopefully back into each other's arms. The titillating quickies are written from either Troy or Amy's point of view so you get it both ways.

Now all 14 sexy shorts are available in one delicious novel!

The Erotic Adventures of Amy and Troy: Sensual Erotica

Available in eBook and Paperback

 “Sensual Quickies” (in order):

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