Monday, April 29, 2013

Brie Faces...The Fourth in the New Brie Series by Red Phoenix

Brie Faces her Master's Fears now available on Amazon, Smashwords, and B&N.

I have waited a while to write this part of Brie's journey after her graduation from the Submissive Training Center. We have yet to see the depth of Master's feelings or understand the motivation behind Mary's betrayal. Those things and much more are revealed in this fourth novelette.

This book is packed with emotion. You will laugh, you will cry, and you may even whimper but I am asking you to read it carefully. Each incident and discussion has significance. Yes, I believe the ending may surprise you. No one, I repeat, no one acts/or will act out of character. I did not write this to shock you, this is Brie's journey. You will have to trust me, dear reader.

Brie Faces her Master's Fears:

Brie is thrilled by the secret Master reveals. Their D/s relationship and love deepens as he teaches her his preferences and shares another aspect of his past. Tragically, a meeting with her nemesis starts a disastrous chain of events. The aftermath of which leads her Master to make a decision Brie never sees coming.

The fourth novelette in the ‘After Graduation‘ series will tantalize and surprise with its naughty twists, laugh out loud moments and scorching encounters.
Extended Description:

Brie is excited her dreams are about to come true. Unfortunately, only one thing lies in the way... Mary. In a cruel twist of fate, Brie is forced to confront her nemesis. Along the way, a tragic event is averted, but Master is faced with one of his greatest fears. Brie will gain insight into Mary’s betrayal, discover Baron’s compassion, understand Tono’s heart, and uncover ghosts from Master’s past.

Adult Material (18+)

Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Tease to Torture: Brie (Afer Graduation #4) by Red Phoenix

Truly, I should be flogged. Here I am sitting on more quotes. I have my Facebook fans all upset and worried with the quotes that have been floating by. Shall I to do same to you, dear blog followers? Why, of course! ♥

Without further delay, here are the sexy quotes for the book causing quite a stir...

“Harder,” [Master] groaned. 
She pressed her hands together for more friction, adding a twisting motion to her movement. He stiffened underneath her. 
Teeth.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4) 

“I need you, [Master]. I need you inside me.” 
With the cruelty of a good Master, he pulled away and sat back in the seat. “Not yet." (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)  

His hands grabbed her head as he guided her mouth the last couple of surges and then [Master] held her still as his body shuddered one last time. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

“I am shocked the collared Brie would consent to having fun. Won’t your Master get mad and punish you?” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)
She was turned on by this selfish need he could not control. She understood it, they both needed the connection... ♥ (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4) 

He held her chin and looked deep into her eyes. It made her shudder, for he had the look of a ravenous creature—one that meant harm. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4) 

"Your guilt does not honor me or what we shared.” He sat back slowly in his chair. “Seeing you happy is my only consolation at this point.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

 He knew exactly how to play her. Waiting for his attention in such a suggestive pose was extremely effective. (Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

“I think you would make the perfect fuck doll, princess. Don’t you?” (~Red Phoenix, Brie #4)

“It is the force that drives me, téa." He caressed her cheek tenderly. “My love for you is without question.” ♥ (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

Smiling through her tears, she answered, “We are condors. We have a lifetime to find our way.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

Expect Brie Faces her Master's Fears (After Graduation, #4) to be out for your consumption at the end of April. Not much longer, my friends!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Teasing Begins for Brie #4 (After Graduation) by Red Phoenix

My dear blog followers, I realized today I was getting behind on the quotes. I started writing Brie #4 the following day after publishing Brie's Russian Fantasy. Without further ado, here are the next batch of teasers:

She concentrated on [Master's] breathing instead. It eased her into slumber—the reassuring force of his presence. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

[Master] opened the lid reverently and smiled. He held up a simple rod with an iron ‘T’ and twirled it between his fingers. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

Becoming a submissive was a complex journey—one that not only involved facing fears and pushing limits, but also encouraged the pure joy of self-discovery. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

Inside were the pearls that he’d given Brie the night he’d scened with her as ‘Khan’. He placed the strand around her neck, letting it hang between her breasts. “Perfection.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

He lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. “No matter how this affects our lives, I am proud to stand with you in this moment.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

She looked at him demurely. “Whatever is your pleasure, [Master].”
You are my pleasure, téa,” he answered, gathering her into his arms. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4) 

“Take off your top.”
 Brie ignored the stranger standing beside her and undid her ties, letting the corset fall to the ground. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

Even his mouth was rough—biting, probing, sucking… but she loved the carnal feel of it.
“Yes!” she cried, “Devour me, Master!” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie, #4)

Unlike Marquis’ gaze that bore into her soul, his called to her like a perilous song, inviting her to lose herself completely. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)

“Today you will learn a favorite Kama Sutra position of mine. It's challenging in its depth.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #4)


I was a little wicked and played a trick on fans April 1st by posting this little scene. (It is a JOKE)

Her father looked at [Master] sternly. "We should talk in the other room."

"Certainly," [Master] said, getting up from the couch. He gave Brie a reassuring smile as he left.

"Shut the door behind you," Brie's father ordered as [Master] followed him into the study. The instant he shut the door, her father pinned him against it, growling hoarsely into his ear, "Dominate me..."

Oh, I do like to have my fun! ;) ~Red


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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Follow Your Calling: Red Phoenix

Brie - art by Nicole Delfs

If you know in your heart what you were meant to do, don't let anyone convince you otherwise. I was told by plenty of editors that (although I have a good "voice") I wasn't publishable. After enough rejections, I believed them.

But I could not stop writing...

So I found a way to self-publish (Smashwords) in order not to invest any of my family's income to realize my dream. Even then, I received HARSH reviews - enough to break one's spirit - except that I needed to get these stories out even if people hated them. :)

So I kept at it, writing what poured out of my heart. * The fact there are actually readers who appreciate my work has been delicious icing on the cake.

What I Have Learned:

Believe in yourself. You are here on this beautiful planet for a reason, with a purpose/s only you can achieve. Others may do something similar, but only you can do it in a way that is uniquely and wonderfully you.

And I don't care what your calling is, be it: teacher, mechanic, garbage collector, cashier, nurse, barista, waiter, mother, cook, writer, accountant, CEO, volunteer, etc. All are important, all are needed! No calling is more worthy than another, they are just different paths to the same end - contentment & satisfaction. You deserve both. <3


Red Phoenix is the author of:

* Brie Learns the Art of Submission
* Blissfully Undone
* Sensual Erotica: The Erotic Love Story of Amy and Troy

Novellas -
* His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages
* Varick: The Reckoning

Novelettes -
* Play With Me at Noon
* In 9 Days/ 9 Days and Counting
* The Keeper of the Wolf Clan
* And Then He Saved Me

Current series of Brie Novelettes (After Graduation - Started Jan 2013) -
* Brie Pleases her New Master #1
* Brie Submits to her Master #2
* Brie's Russian Fantasy #3