Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Sexy Quotes From The Brie Series by Red Phoenix

Sensual Pics Bring Brie to Life

Now that fans have read through the entire Brie Series, they are coming up with more and more quotes. (No spoilers posted here!) According to my fans, one can gain a lot by reading it a second or third time.

Me? I am thrilled to see my words come to life! Actually, I am in awe...

Please sit back and enjoy the experience of Brie brought to you by fans of The Submissive Training Center.

~Red Phoenix

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Brie Bows... The Ninth in the Series by Red Phoenix

Brie Bows to Her Master now available on Amazon and Smashwords.

On Sale for 3 Days! This book is twice as long as most Brie stories - a full novella! Brie #9 will be only 99 cents in honor of  all my loyal fans. After 3 days, it will increase to 2.99. Get it now while it is still cheap! (9/24 - midnight 9/26) 
* Apple and B&N fans will need to use Smashwords to take advantage of the sale.

Note from Red Phoenix:

The end of Brie's journey into the art of submission has finally come. It seems like only yesterday that Brie got the card from Sir inviting her to the Submissive Training Center. Now it is the last week and Brie's graduation day.

The burning question on everyone's mind: "Who will Brie choose for her Master?"

I promise a thrilling read and humbly ask that you NOT take a peek at the ending. To fully enjoy the finale you must join Brie on her final week.

Hang on though; it is going to be a bumpy and exciting ride!

Brie Bows to Her Master

The final week at the Submissive Training Center has arrived! Join Brie as she encounters challenging sessions crafted specifically for her - five extraordinary days of training and pleasure. Her graduation includes interviews with potential Doms, but things get horribly complicated for Brie. The determ
ined little sub will experience heartbreak, betrayal, and true love in this fitting ending to the series.

An exciting and unexpected finale completes Brie’s journey into submission. Brie Bows to Her Master is a roller coaster ride you won’t soon forget.

Extended Description:

Brie, Lea, and Mary are about to experience their last week at the Submissive Training Center. The friends embrace it with a sense of humor and excitement, unaware that the final week involves individual lessons with each of the five trainers. Can Brie handle Ms. Clark’s instruction? Will her heart survive when Sir takes her out on a private outing? As graduation approaches, things unravel forcing her to make an unexpected choice. Which Dom will earn Brie’s devotion and become Master of her heart?

Adult Material (18+)

Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Excerpts of Favorite Quotes From the Brie Series by Red Phoenix

Favorite Quotes By Brie Fans

Fans have gathered some deliciously hot pics to display their favorite quotes. It really does make the story come to life.

So, sit back and enjoy a little Brie escape...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Guess the Dom Contest For Brie #9, Brie Bows to Her Master

Can you Guess the Dom in the Quote?

I thought it would be fun to have a little contest while we wait for Brie #9, Brie Bows to Her Master, to get edited for publishing. Look over the list of quotes from the soon-to-be released novella. Make your best guess as to whom each quote refers to. Go to this Facebook link Brie's Choice. You can leave your guesses there, or if you want to be more private you can leave a message for the administrator, Kathy Krick.

The night before the book releases (to be announced soon), the winner/winners will be chosen. The person with the most correct guesses will be winning an artistic magnet of their favorite character. To see the magnets, click on the link Red Phoenix Store.

Guess the Dom: (Not in sequential order. Some Doms are referenced more than once.) Note: Some of these are really easy, while others are extremely hard. That's where the avid Brie fans are separated from the wanna-be's.

  1. "I was not abused growing up nor do I take pleasure in beating women. I simply enjoy exploring a woman’s sexuality to its fullest.”
  2. His tongue drew her in like an undercurrent. 
  3. "I want every eye on you. I want them to envy me for the beauty only I control.”
  4. “Fully appreciate each contact against your skin and you will not need it stronger,” he instructed. “I give this to you as empowerment not escape.”
  5. He picked her up in his large muscular arms and carried her to a lounge chair in the corner, holding her like a child. 
  6. “A lovely cunny… one that deserves to climax.”
  7. He tied the cloth over her eyes, murmuring, “Ah, the allure of the unknown. Where will I touch you?”
  8. “I want to dominate this body in every way known to man, and then add a few of my own.”   
  9. "I was so scared of you,” she admitted. His large thumb traced the edge of her bottom lip.      “It concerned me, but we got past that, Kitten.”
  10. “You are not allowed to call me Master after this.” 
  11. He fisted her hair, pulling her head back and kissing her deeply. “My Toriko, how well you remember my preference.”
  12. “I do not cause pain needlessly, young Brie. Every tool, every action is gauged to bring the most pleasure."
  13. He took her hand and turned it palm up before planting a sensual kiss in the center. “Choose wisely, Radost Moya.” 
  14. “You cannot resist the power of your potential mate, the commander of your soul.”
  15. Master was inside her...  (Who do you think her true Master is?)        
* Important: Go to FB site link above to leave answers (Why? So you can already be connected to the site where you can discuss your thoughts about her choice to your heart's content. Spoilers will be allowed there - after you read the book of course.)

If you do not have an FB account, then you may send your answers


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Don't Settle for Cheap Imitations

Copycats Cheat Readers
Bootleg Authors Abound

Ever heard the saying, "Those who can't, teach." *

Well, those who can't write, steal. 

My fans have alerted me to several imposters taking the idea of the Submissive Training Center and attempting to copy it for their own gains. Now, no idea is truly original but when you have enough commonalities between storylines, it becomes painfully obvious that an author is trying to ride on the coattails of another. In my opinion, that is unfair to readers hungry for quality books. You simply cannot write passionate text if you are copying another writer's work.

Another ploy is to use words in a popular title to attract unsuspecting fans. There is a book with Brie in the title. Now, I do not hold a copyright on the name but when the author uses Brie in the title and then tags the poorly written piece of work with my name, I find it offensive. Especially, when fans unknowingly buy the "book" thinking I wrote it.

My advice to readers If you read a book that is truly a waste of your time and copies a similar book, take the time to warn other readers. Fellow book lovers will thank you for it.

* BTW I personally disagree with that statement. Go teachers! :)