Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dec 2014: Brie Surrenders her Heart by Red Phoenix

I think this is one of my all time favorite covers. It shows the intimacy, a little kink and the condor... perfection. Thank you, Viola Estrella, for this little master piece of a cover.

This one was crazy to write, there was so much to share, from the most romantic branding ever written, the debut of Brie's film, the final confrontation with Master's mother, to Lea's erotic gift.

It was to be the end of the Brie series. I had no idea then that Tono would call to me...

Excerpt from Brie Surrenders her Heart

Brie shook her head in astonishment as her pussy orgasmed on command, stealing her conscious thought with its intensity. Subspace called and she entered willingly, letting the tingly feeling take over while her body continued to listen and respond to Sir. Pure bliss and a level of heightened serenity carried Brie deeper within as Sir pounded into her again.
Everything fell away as she became sensation and found a whole new world to explore…
A light tapping on her cheek caught her attention, and she listened more carefully.
“Téa… Open your eyes.”
They fluttered open of their own accord, and she gazed into the loving eyes of her Master. She tried to smile, but her muscles were too relaxed to respond.

Sir leaned over and kissed her. “I sometimes wonder just how far you fly from me, babygirl.”

Brie and Sir

Me and Brie

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec 2014: Brie's Visits Master's Italy by Red Phoenix

The strength of Brie relationship with Master is tested in this part of their journey.

Her parents are not happy about her new "boyfriend", and Brie meets Sir's first love face-to-face in Italy.

In this tale, Brie faces her greatest fear, but does it grace and determination. Her love is true and she will do anything to please her Master - even if it costs her everything.

Little does Brie know, there is an incredible birthday planned for her...

Excerpt from Brie Visits Master's Italy

Sir uncorked the old bottle with a satisfying pop and took a long sniff, closing his eyes to take in the bouquet. “Amazingly, it is still sweet.” He lifted the bottle up and nodded at the sky before taking a swig. “Ahh… that’s fine wine, Papà.”
Sir walked over to Brie and shared the drink with her by taking another long draught from the bottle before kissing her. Red wine flooded her mouth with hints of musky berries and vanilla. She smiled when he pulled away. “That’s delicious, Sir.”
He cupped her breast and raised his eyebrow. “This is how I plan to enjoy his gift.” Sir poured the red liquid onto her breast and leaned in, sucking on her nipple seductively. He lifted her wrists from the branch and untied her before forcing her down on her knees. He poured the wine over his cock and ordered, “Suck me.”
Brie smiled, grateful for the chance to please her Master. As much as she enjoyed playing the spoiled princess, her joy was in pleasuring him. 

Quoted pic created by a fan!

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Dec 2014: Brie Discerns Master's Heart by Red Phoenix

I was running full steam ahead when I wrote this novella. The confrontation with Faelan comes to a head, Master's mother makes her move and Brie presents her documentary to Mr. Holloway.

Master Anderson teaches Sir the bullwhip, letting Brie know that sexy challenges are ahead for her.

This was the final cover I published coming from Jimmy Thomas' private photo shoot. After that, I moved on to an incredible book cover designer, Viola Estrella. Designers are like partners, either you are in sync or your not. Viola "gets" me and I love working with her - actually look forward to it every time I need a new cover.

Excerpt from Brie Discerns Master's Heart:

“Sometimes you must be cruel to be kind.”
Brie took his hand and wove her fingers between his. “To be honest, Sir, I enjoy your cruel ways.”
His eyes took on a mischievous glint as he squeezed her hand and walked her into an alley. “I suddenly have a craving for you, babygirl.”
Brie’s loins tingled as she followed him. She glanced back, noting the people walking on the sidewalk less than fifteen yards away.
“Panties off.”
Her heart beat wildly as she stepped out of her panties and handed them to him. He slipped the thong into his jacket, before pushing her against the brick wall. “I want to taste you,” he growled huskily as he slipped his hand up her skirt.
Brie leaned her head back against the wall and let out a quiet moan as his fingers began caressing her pussy.

“That’s it, téa. Relax as I finger-fuck you in broad daylight.”

Wrap yourself in warm Brie this winter...CafePress.
Softest blanket I have every owned. So deliciously soft, it is a family favorite on cold nights.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dec 2014: Brie Learns Restraint by Red Phoenix

This was a very dear novella for me. I got to walk my readers through Brie living under the rule of another Master as we catch a glimpse into Tono Nosaka's life. He is an exceptional person, both as a man and as a Dom.

The fact is there are times when life does not give us our desire. What determines our character is how we handle those disappointments.

It is during this separation, we also get to see a softer side of Master. Who knew he was a poet? Psst... I did. ;) LOL

Excerpt from Brie Learns Restraint:

“Kneel, facing away from me.”
She did as she was asked, her whole body buzzing with excitement. Tono started with her chest, binding it tightly, framing her breasts with the rope. The subtle touches as he pulled and adjusted the rope were hypnotically sensual. This time there was no music, just the slap of the ends of the rope as they smacked the floor with each pass.
He bound her arms one at a time, covering them in a decorative three-inch diamond pattern. He moved down to her abdomen, attaching a rope from her chest as he bound it in the same ornamental pattern. 
She gasped softly when he reached between her legs and pulled the rope taut against her clit and up the valley of her ass. He fastened it in the back, pulling it even tighter before tying the final knot. The pressure was arousing, causing her body to react.
“Tono, I’ve wet the jute.”

He chuckled under his breath. “To be expected, little slave.”

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dec 2014: Brie Faces her Master's Fears by Red Phoenix

As a new couple, there are many adjustments to be made, but most important is maintaining TRUST.

"Without trust, you and I are nothing.”

I tried to emphasize it as I shared this part of their relationship. Brie makes choices she thinks will spare her Master's feelings, but all she ends up doing is causing mistrust between them.

It is a hard, but necessary lesson to learn. In every intimate relationship, trust is key, but is essential in a D/s dynamic where both are exploring new areas with each other not only physically but mentally.

Excerpt from Brie Faces her Master's Fears:

The wickedness of it had her mewing in pleasure. He bit her fleshy ass before giving her one more satisfying slap.
He pressed his cock against her pussy without entering as he straddled her thighs, whispering into her ear, “What do you want?”
 “I want you to fuck me.”
“You want me to fuck you deep enough to hurt?” he growled hoarsely.
She closed her eyes and voiced her deepest desire. “I want my body to resonate with your thrusts, Master.”
He turned her head towards him and kissed her hard, then he held her chin and looked deep into her eyes. It made her shudder, for his gaze reminded her of a ravenous creature’s—one that meant her harm.
Part of her yearned for escape. Despite her fear, or because of it, she willingly opened herself to him. “Take me, Master.”

He mounted her then, ramming in his cock while holding her waist painfully tight. “I’m going to fuck you like you have never been fucked.”

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Why Tsu is Good for Authors: By Red Phoenix

If you are an author, this is a great opportunity!

Why tsu is good for authors…

I saw the invitations to tsu and ignored them. Last thing I wanted was to start on a new social site. Who has the time? However, enough people talked about it so I took a peek, but it wanted me to sign in so I balked.
Then I started listening to popular indie authors who were loving this new site. They said the engagement with fans was incredible - like it used to be on FB in the old days. Fans were seeing their posts on their newsfeeds!

Tsu is different than FB because “Friending” someone means you BOTH can see each other's newsfeeds. “Following” means only YOU will see them on your newsfeed. You don't need to do both.

It is also different because tsu gives all members a portion of any sales they make advertising on the side of your page (same ads as FB has) but tsu pays you for it. THAT was the part that made me leery, because I don’t trust that shit.

Well, these author friends who have been on it for a while don’t make but pennies a week, so that is NOT the reason to join. You join because your fans can see each and every post you make on their newsfeeds. (Fans can also make pennies from the ads on tsu – everyone is equal.)

One interesting aspect is the creation of families. You cannot join tsu unless you are invited. I happily invite you (and any of my lovely fans) to join me:

By joining, you can start reaching your fan base, and experience what’s it’s like to be fully seen by the people who love your work!

Dec 2014: Brie's Russian Fantasy by Red Phoenix

Oh my, what fun it was for me to bring Rytsar Durov back into the story. I love this sexy Russian Dom! There was so much that Brie didn't know about her "warrior", but she sure finds out when Sir takes her to Russia.

This is also when we learn the significance of being a condor.

I love Rytsar's wicked sense of humor, his loyalty, the painful past he keeps buried and his interest in becoming an uncle. He is an original through and through, and when he and Sir get together with Brie - sparks fly!

Excerpt from Brie's Russian Fantasy:

“Did your sub just disrespect me?” Rytsar asked.
“I’m not sure.” Sir lifted her chin. “Did you just disrespect my longtime friend, téa?”
Brie looked at him and smiled. “No, Sir. I respect your friend very much.”
He smiled and cradled her face. “I suspected as much.”
Rytsar huffed. “If giggling is a sign of respect, I need another drink.” He got up and poured himself an additional glass.
The warm feeling coursing through Brie must have been coursing through Sir, because he suddenly changed positions, pulling her up and kissing her forcibly on the lips. “Undo my pants and grind on me,” he growled huskily.
Brie quickly obeyed and straddled him so she was face to face with him. She eased her pussy over his cock and coated it with her slick excitement as she moved up and down the length of his shaft without taking him inside her. He grabbed her hips and helped to guide her movements.
“Your pussy is so beautiful, téa.”
She felt warm butterflies stirring. “Thank you, Master.”

“Let me inside.”

Fan made quoted pic for Brie's Russian Fantasy

Another sexy fan made quoted pic for Brie's Russian Fantasy

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Dec 2014: Brie Submits to her Master by Red Phoenix

It's in this second book that I get to show you the other side to the trainers and Dom/Dommes Brie worked with during her six-week course. You see, it's a whole new world when you aren't the student.

Having been a teacher for most of my life, I've experienced the difference in professional instructors when they enter the teacher's lounge. It can be very entertaining!

We all knew hearts were broken the night Brie made her choice, and now we get to see how that plays out for each of the Doms not chosen.

Excerpt from Brie Submits to her Master:

“Instead of a blindfold, I have something more romantic.” He opened the white box and pulled out a huge red rose. He lifted it to his nose and smelled it, smiling at her. Then he put it under her nose and she breathed in its sweetness. He rubbed the soft petals against each nipple, then crushed the flower in his hand. “Close your eyes.”
Brie did as he asked and felt the cold, velvet petals fall on her eyelids.
“A slight turn of your head and they will fall away. You are in complete control of this session, even though you are figuratively blind and bound.”
Brie’s chest was rising and falling rapidly. He hadn’t even started yet and she was a delicious mess.
She heard him unsnap the lock on the metal box. He began riffling through, chuckling softly to himself. She heard him lay several items on the table, then shut the case.
“The human brain is a hotbed of imagination, capable of taking a simple stimulus and magnifying it many times greater than it is. I am going to leave you here, téa. Let your mind run wild.”
She whimpered when she heard him walk away.

“This is my gift to you,” he said before shutting the door.

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Dec 2014: Brie Pleases her New Master by Red Phoenix

I didn't expect to write a second series, but the characters kept talking to me and fans were anxious to know more.

The After Graduation series allowed me the chance to take readers through the transformation of Brie as she adjusts to living 24/7 with her Master. It also gave me the chance to share the back stories of the trainers - things I knew, but hadn't been able to share during her training.

I'd become popular enough at this point to hire an inexpensive designer, and the look of the covers became more professional.

Excerpt of Brie Pleases her New Master:
(Always FREE)

“Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, put your hands on the window and lean forward so that your nipples touch the glass.”
She opened her legs and put her palms on the cold window, leaning slowly forward until her nipples made contact with the chilly glass. Brie gasped softly and waited for his next instruction, but he gave none. She watched Sir through the reflection of the window as he stood and admired her while sipping his martini.
The wait, the anticipation, combined with his lustful scrutiny, made Brie exceedingly wet. She closed her eyes, chagrined when she felt a trickle of her excitement run down her leg. Brie was desperate for him, her nipples aching with need, stimulated by the pressure and temperature of the glass.

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard Sir walk out of the room and the distinct sound of the martini glasses being placed on a granite counter. It begins…

Fan Made quoted pic of Brie Pleases her New Master

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Dec 2014: Brie Bows to Her Master by Red Phoenix

This end if Brie's incredible training has come and with it her decision for a Master.

I giggled, cried, and squeaked as I wrote this final novella in Brie's Submissive Training.

There was so much packed into this ending that it was twice as long as the others in the serial. My muses had so much to say!

Whether or not you agree with who she chooses, you have to admit it is one spectacular - not to be forgotten - ending.

Excerpt from Brie Bows to Her Master:

Tonight, I tease your body as I acquaint you with something new.”
Brie relaxed and gave in to the sensation. He ran the spur-like wheel over her exposed skin, acclimating her to its unique pleasure. Once he had her skin tingling from it, she heard his belt buckle being undone.
She was surprised to feel his shaft press against her pussy and immediately reacted. “I can’t!” Brie tried to scoot backwards, but he held her still. She cried out from inside the hood, “I can only couple with my trainer if other trainers are around, Master.”
He chuckled lightly as his tight grip on her loosened. “Ah, but I am not technically a staff member of the Center. The rules do not apply to me, young Brie.”
She nodded her head inside the hood and relaxed back on the table.

“Do not worry, I wouldn’t risk your training or my reputation,” he said soothingly as he began caressing her pussy with his massive cock. He spread her legs wider, coating his manhood with her juices as he readied Brie for penetration.

Fan made quoted pic for Brie Bows

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Dec 2014: Brie Surrenders to His Will by Red Phoenix

We were heading at breakneck speed to the end. I struggled to keep the ending to myself, but oh I wanted to burst with the love if it!

Here we have Brie on a platter, a task with Master Coen, Brie flying with Tono, a little chocolate dance with Faelan - and more Lea jokes...

This cover was so extra sexy, that hold he has on her neck ~ swoon worthy.

Excerpt from Brie Surrenders to His Will:

         So you like it shallow and fast, do you?”
         “Yes, Master.”
   She looked behind her and watched his muscular arm as he thrust the pseudo-phallus at a pace she had been unable to reach. She groaned in pleasure and opened her legs wider for him. Master Coen kept up the rhythm and depth for several minutes. All those muscles definitely made him the man for the job. Then he suddenly threw the brush across the stage and commanded Brie to sit on the stool with her legs spread open.
         He unzipped his pants and pulled out his sizeable shaft. “I’m going to fuck you in the same fashion, Miss Bennett.” He guided his cock between her swollen lips and pushed it farther into her—but just the tip.
         Master Coen held her waist with his massive hands as he fucked her with just the head of his cock. He was a machine in his taking of her, his pounding shallow but with decided force. She threw her head back and cried out his name when he eventually gave her permission to come.
Before the last contraction ended, he thrust his manhood deep inside her and said in a hushed voice, “I find you worthy.” 

Master Coen in all his muscular glory

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dec 2014: Brie on Display by Red Phoneix

It is crazy how much happens in this novella!

Sir introduces the students to their new trainer, Master Anderson. Brie gets to work with a Dom in training and is shocked by who she end up partnering with.

She spends auction day with Captain. A secondary character that has a huge following among Brie fans.

But that's not all folks! Brie also meets up with a girl on the light rail and hands over her Submissive Training card...

Isn't this a sexy cover???

Excerpt from Brie on Display:

“Look at me, blossom.”
Brie looked up into his crystal blue eyes and stopped breathing. 
You…! What the hell are you doing here?
Todd met her gaze and said in an authoritative voice, “I have waited patiently for this day.”
Brie took a gasp of air. “I don’t understand…”
“I will explain, but first you must undress, leaving only your stockings.”
It seemed like a dream as she gracefully removed her corset, skirt, shoes and panties, placing them neatly on the floor. When she stood up, he looked her over and commented simply, “Enchanting.”
Brie blushed for no good reason.
“Bow at my feet, blossom.”
She did so immediately and then felt his hand on her head. He stood there and remained silent while the other Doms directed their subs to the ramps. She wasn’t sure what he was waiting for.

“You will not call me Master. I am Faelan to you.”

Fan made quoted pic from Brie on Display

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Brie Learns the Art of Submission by Red Phoenix on Sale NOW!

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It is easy and cheap to gift Brie, just select the date you want the eBook to arrive and it will be waiting for them when they wake up!

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Dec 2014: Brie Embraces Bondage by Red Phoenix

Finally, the joy of bondage is fully realized in this novella. What a super fun chapter for me to write. Not only did I get to share my love of Kinbaku, but readers got to know the incredible Asian Dom, Tono Nosaka, a little better. The thrill of fire and ice and a long session with jute...

The girl on the cover had the right expression, which is why I chose her for my book cover. This was back when there was only a limited number of stock photos. 2012 wasn't that long ago, but my how times have changed!

Excerpt from Brie Embraces Bondage:

“This is a long process, toriko. It is essential that you and I are in sync.” He motioned for her to kneel. He knelt behind and wrapped his arms around her, pressing Brie against his chest. “Find my breath and copy it. Breathe with me, toriko.”
She was startled by his request, but calmed herself enough to listen to his breathing. She began matching her own with his. Tono’s breaths were consistent and measured. She had to slow way down to harmonize. Soon she felt her entire body relax as she became one with him. “Good…” he murmured softly. “If you feel anxious at any point, I want you to match your breath with mine.”
Brie nodded. He picked up a long jute rope and showed it to her. “Today, this simple material will transport you to nirvana.” She touched it and was surprised that it felt both soft and rough. “Smell it, toriko.” She took in its earthy smell and smiled.
“We are all in harmony. You, me…the rope.”

Fan made quoted pic from Brie Embraces Bondage
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