Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dec 2014: Brie's Russian Fantasy by Red Phoenix

Oh my, what fun it was for me to bring Rytsar Durov back into the story. I love this sexy Russian Dom! There was so much that Brie didn't know about her "warrior", but she sure finds out when Sir takes her to Russia.

This is also when we learn the significance of being a condor.

I love Rytsar's wicked sense of humor, his loyalty, the painful past he keeps buried and his interest in becoming an uncle. He is an original through and through, and when he and Sir get together with Brie - sparks fly!

Excerpt from Brie's Russian Fantasy:

“Did your sub just disrespect me?” Rytsar asked.
“I’m not sure.” Sir lifted her chin. “Did you just disrespect my longtime friend, téa?”
Brie looked at him and smiled. “No, Sir. I respect your friend very much.”
He smiled and cradled her face. “I suspected as much.”
Rytsar huffed. “If giggling is a sign of respect, I need another drink.” He got up and poured himself an additional glass.
The warm feeling coursing through Brie must have been coursing through Sir, because he suddenly changed positions, pulling her up and kissing her forcibly on the lips. “Undo my pants and grind on me,” he growled huskily.
Brie quickly obeyed and straddled him so she was face to face with him. She eased her pussy over his cock and coated it with her slick excitement as she moved up and down the length of his shaft without taking him inside her. He grabbed her hips and helped to guide her movements.
“Your pussy is so beautiful, téa.”
She felt warm butterflies stirring. “Thank you, Master.”

“Let me inside.”

Fan made quoted pic for Brie's Russian Fantasy

Another sexy fan made quoted pic for Brie's Russian Fantasy

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  1. Gulp! They were so sexy together!!!
    ~ Marla