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Chocolate and Handcuffs Giveaway Hop - Red Phoenix

Join Red Phoenix on the Chocolate, Roses, and Handcuff Giveaway (Feb 1-7th)

The Winners: 

eBooks: Laura Troxel, JenH, Devonne, El Lago, OdonataCreations, Roxanne (from Goodreads comment)

Signed Paperback Copy: Sherry
"I love dark chocolate. Thanks for the giveaway."

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Congrats to the winners! Thank you to all who participated. :)

Thank you for visiting my blog on your hop around for prizes! It is my pleasure to introduce you to the world of Brie...

Brie you say?

No, not the stinky but yummy cheese that melts in your mouth, my friend. I'm talking about young Brie Bennett, the girl with a submissive heart and a desire to learn.

Join the Submissive Training Course

Become a part of her class as she takes a 6-week course at the Submissive Training Center. Brie meets a captivating man who invites her to join the Training Center. She goes from a complete novice in the ways of Dominant/submissive relationships and BDSM practices to graduating top of her class. The course is a college-like environment where safety, exploration, and finding one's own limits are the standard curriculum.

Brie makes friends with her fellow classmates and falls for several Doms that she is paired with during her training. Each Dominant has his own specialty and talent. But in the end, Brie must make a final choice. Which Dom will she choose and will she find happiness in that choice?

Brie's hot and steamy journey can be found in the pages of Brie Learns the Art of Submission.

Find Out How Brie Fares with her New Master

You are lucky to have joined me at this point, for I have just begun the second season of Brie's journey...  

Brie Pleases her New Master has just been published. Like the first series, Brie is released in novelette form - one book at a time. At the end of the series, it will be complied into a full-length novel. In between publications I indulge in plenty of teasing and torture all in good fun on Facebook and Twitter. I am a merciless Mistress (just ask my tormented but adoring fans).

How to Win

If you would like a chance to win a signed copy of Brie Learns the Art of Submission (a 484 page novel), please leave a comment below. However, I expect you to do 2 things for me. Listen carefully or you will be disqualified.  

1) You must comment below telling me if you are a dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate fan (or not one at all). You can even share your fantasy with chocolate if you feel so inclined - but it is not required.

2) You MUST check back on the 8th to find out if you are a winner. I am not asking for you to post your email address because I want to protect your privacy. However, if I do not hear back from the winner/winners by the 9th, I will pick a new winner.

* If I get 42 comments, I will also give away an eBook copy to a lucky winner.

* If I get 100 comments, I will give away 5 eBook copies.

The number of winners is totally up to you, my friends. ;)

Red Phoenix ~ Like My Pretty New Mask?
And now for a little chocolaty fun from
 Brie Learns the Art of Submission: 

She closed her eyes as he’d commanded. She hadn’t heard music like it before. The beat demanded her movement, and the bass drove its vibrations straight to her loins. She relaxed and allowed it to carry her.
“That’s it, blossom…”
His praise heightened her pleasure as she danced for Faelan. The bass vibrated in her core, the electronic notes highlighting the score as she moved instinctually to the erotic rhythm.
Goose bumps rose on her skin when she felt his hot breath upon her shoulder. He pressed against her and started moving with her. The two gyrated together as a single unit, in time with the sensual beat. She looked down at his masculine arm wrapped around her waist, struck by how intensely male he was.
He moved away from her and ordered her to continue dancing. She did so reluctantly, wanting Faelan to continue his physical seduction of her. She closed her eyes again and moved to the rhythm, swaying her hips and moving her arms gracefully above her head, feeling totally, utterly female.
Her nipples hardened as she felt his naked skin pressing against her, his firm cock tucked between her ass cheeks. Then she felt warm liquid down her front, and the scent of milk chocolate filled her nostrils. Her eyes popped open. She looked down and watched his chocolate- covered hands make dark trails over her white skin.
“Keep dancing,” he murmured.
They moved in sync with the music as he covered her chest in warm chocolate. He left for a second and then returned, his hands dripping with more of the sweet ambrosia. She put her hands over his and followed them as they trailed down her stomach and then moved to her waist, grabbing her aggressively. She laid her head back against his shoulder, giving in to the warm sensation of his chocolate caress.
He panted in her ear like an animal. Then she felt his masculine hand grasp her throat, holding her possessively. She was overcome by the gesture, loving the submissive emotion it provoked. “Release your animal, blossom,” he growled. He then pushed two fingers into her mouth and she started sucking them as they continued to grind to the music.
When the beat slowed, Faelan turned her around and pushed Brie to her knees, then joined her on the floor. He cupped her breasts in his hands and squeezed them together before licking and biting her chocolate flesh. Brie moaned raggedly, but her voice could not compete with the loud music filling her senses. The driving rhythm made her feel young, reckless, wild… She scratched her chocolaty fingernails down his chest. She looked down at his long, hard cock and cried, “I need…”


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Brie Pleases...The First in the New Brie Series by Red Phoenix

Brie Pleases her New Master now available on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords.

Everyone has been waiting to find out what happened to Brie and her Master after the elevator doors closed at the Training Center. Well, peeps, your wait is finally over!

The first novelette of the new Brie 'After Graduation' series is out! I took several months off to work on other projects (Blissfully Undone, Varick: The Reckoning, and His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages). However, I always planned to return to the characters of the original Brie series.

This first installment starts off where the novel, Brie Learns the Art of Submission, left off - right after the doors close. Brie is about to experience life as a 24/7 sub and everything changes. Learning how to sub and being a sub are two different animals. Follow Brie and her Master as they navigate their new  relationship.

Brie Pleases her New Master:

Find out what happens after the elevator doors close… Brie and her new Master are now free to explore life as a D/s couple. Although Brie graduated from the Submissive Training Center top of her class, she soon finds she still has a lot to learn. A rival Dom cannot accept her choice of Master and will not let her go without a fight. Brie’s generous heart steers her in the wrong direction when the Wolf comes to call.

This first novelette of Brie’s ‘After Graduation’ series explores the lessons, love, and lust unleashed upon the newly collared sub.

Extended Description:

Brie is euphoric after choosing her Master. Now the two can freely explore their love for one another outside the walls of the Center. Master teaches her the meaning of true possession. He also opens up to Brie, sharing a painful aspect of his past. She is shocked to learn his secret, but is determined to love him through it. Unfortunately for Brie, things start to get complicated when Faelan reenters the picture.

* Future installments of the Brie ‘After Graduation’ series will answer questions about the characters you have grown to love. Find out what’s been happening with the other Doms at the Training Center, learn about Lea’s experience working there, and how Blonde Nemesis is faring after her betrayal. There is even a visit to Russia on the horizon...

Adult Material (18+)

Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

His Scottish Pet... by Red Phoenix

His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and Smashwords.

My husband has enjoyed the success of the Brie series, but he put in my ear the idea of writing from the perspective of a Dom. He set up the parameters and then set me free to create it. It has been a challenging project to say the least. I chose the setting of Scotland for the first of this series so my protagonist could wear a kilt and wield a sexy sword.

I originally planned it to be short like most of my books, but this baby had a life of its own. Let's just say I was dominated by my muse. It is not like Brie in any way other than the fact Ryce likes to entertain the lasses of Scotland with his unconventional skills. This is an erotic story set in the 1400's with a little Scottish romance and a paranormal twist.

His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages

In the 1400’s Ryce Leon moves to Scotland to escape the horrors of his past. The lusty Englishman is content to wear kilts and share his unique talents with the satisfied lasses of Rannoch. However, fate brings a forsaken young waif into his life, Chrisselle Buchanan. What begins as a simple pairing of Master and pet evolves into something powerful, with the potential to free Ryce from his unbearable curse.

Extended Description:

Ryce Leon is a Master of exceptional experience, introducing the women of Rannoch to his rare skills. Unbeknownst to them, he hides a tragic secret - one that forces him to move from place to place, never putting down roots for fear of discovery. He has learned the terrible price of love and will not suffer such loss again. When the dying Chrisselle is thrust upon him, he is determined to rid himself of her as soon as she recovers. However, the Scottish waif’s brave spirit and curious nature eventually break down his defenses. It is clear that fate has brought them together, but Ryce knows from experience that fate can be a cruel mistress.

Adult Material (18+)

Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Five Helpful Tips for Indie Authors ~ Red Phoenix

It has been a while since I posted something to my fellow indies. Frankly, I have been so busy I haven't had time to think straight. My own fault... (rolling eyes)

Here are five helpful tips after a year of writing:

Realistic Deadlines: Do not set yourself a deadline that seems doable but as it approaches, you realize you are way off and have to kill yourself to make the date. I have done that twice now. It makes the writing process...not so much fun.

Write, Write, Write: I do not procrastinate with my writing. I may move from story to story, but I am always writing. The more you write the better you become, it's a lovely process. I do, however, highly recommend having your work proofread. It was a mistake I made in the beginning and am now having to go back and fix.

Take Reviews with a Grain of Salt: Yes, those gut-wrenching reviews are to be expected (you can't please everyone), but not the harsh comments. Trust me on this one, if a review does not provide you with something you can build on - IGNORE it.

Support One Another: Some writers feel like they are in competition with each other. Hey, if you do well this little chick is happy for you! Your success does not harm me and if it is in the same genre, it may even help. Readers tend to look for similar work. Encourage each other.

Tell Your Own Story: Don't copy another author or jump on the bandwagon just because a topic is popular. Write the stories that long to burst forth from your own heart. Your words will resonate and reach others if you trust your unique voice and message.

More than anything, enjoy the journey.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On the First Day of 2013 Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A hot little encounter with pearls and Sir...

Wow, this was one exciting ending to write. So many things for Brie to experience and so many men to choose from. I had a blast knowing I was taking my readers on a crazy ride with me all the way to the end. 

Thank you for your support of this series and my work. I have deeply appreciated the many lovely comments and emails I have received because of Brie and her Master. Look for more of her journey coming the end of this month, January 2013.

Excerpt from Brie Bows to Her Master:  
(Novella is 2.99 on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Smashwords. For the complete 9-part series in one novel, click here.)

 Sir escorted her back to the limousine and helped her inside. The boy was directed to the back to watch while Sir sat beside Brie. He looked her over critically, as if he were still deciding her merit. “If I do not find you pleasing, the evening will end.”
She swallowed hard, unsure if he was acting or if he actually meant it. “I long to please you, Khan.”
“Lie down, girl. Let me examine your feminine wares.”
Brie lay down on the leather seat that stretched the length of the limo. Sir moved closer and slowly ran his hand up her leg. She tried to look into his eyes, but he was focused on watching his hand move up her thigh. He lifted the hem, exposing her bare mound. She felt a rush of heat as he stared at her lustfully. “A fine flower, ripe for the picking.”
His hands went to the zipper between her breasts. With deliberate precision, he pulled it down one link at a time. His agonizing slowness made the reveal that much more exciting. When he finally pulled the material aside, Brie gasped. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as he caressed her lace-covered breasts and trailed his fingers down her stomach.
“You are beautiful, girl, but are you appropriately responsive?” Sir’s hand moved between her legs and petted her sex. Brie bit her lip and resisted the urge to press against his hand, determined to continue her role as a virgin.
Sir reached into his jacket and pulled out a velvet box. “A test.” He opened it and held up a long strand of pearls. He placed the strand over either side of her clit and pulled the necklace taut so that the pearls caressed both sides of her sensitive nub, then he slowly pulled the strand down. Each individual pearl rubbed against her clit as it passed. She appreciated the length of the necklace as she squirmed under its sensual caress. When he reached the end, he repositioned it and dragged it down again. Brie moaned softly in pleasure, trying not to behave as wantonly as she felt.
He held up the strand of pearls and twisted them once, then placed them over her head and laid them on her chest. She felt the moistness of her excitement on the jewelry.
Sir slipped his hand in between her eager pussy lips, his fingers sliding over her clit leisurely. She tried to remain still in order to pass the ‘test’, although she coveted his touch.
“Girl, it’s time to expose the truth.” She whimpered when he slowly inserted his middle finger inside her. He swirled it over the smooth walls of her vagina and her body inadvertently moved with him, ravenous for his attention. “For an innocent, you are exceedingly wet.”
“You have that effect on me, Sir,” she whispered.
With his finger stroking her from the inside, he corrected, “Khan.”
Brie blushed, realizing she’d slipped out of character. She licked her lips, ready to apologize, when he hit her G-spot. She groaned, her body automatically arching in pleasure. A fire instantly ignited, one she did not have control over. She shook her head, trying to keep the orgasm at bay. It was too soon, since she was playing a virgin. “No, no…”
“Do not deny me.”
She opened her eyes and looked into Sir’s as the chill took over and her nipples hardened. A small cry escaped her lips as her muscles caressed his finger in their undulating rhythm. He growled under his breath, his eyes gleaming with lust.
He pulled his finger out and tasted her. “Sweet as an innocent should be.”