Wednesday, January 9, 2013

His Scottish Pet... by Red Phoenix

His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and Smashwords.

My husband has enjoyed the success of the Brie series, but he put in my ear the idea of writing from the perspective of a Dom. He set up the parameters and then set me free to create it. It has been a challenging project to say the least. I chose the setting of Scotland for the first of this series so my protagonist could wear a kilt and wield a sexy sword.

I originally planned it to be short like most of my books, but this baby had a life of its own. Let's just say I was dominated by my muse. It is not like Brie in any way other than the fact Ryce likes to entertain the lasses of Scotland with his unconventional skills. This is an erotic story set in the 1400's with a little Scottish romance and a paranormal twist.

His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages

In the 1400’s Ryce Leon moves to Scotland to escape the horrors of his past. The lusty Englishman is content to wear kilts and share his unique talents with the satisfied lasses of Rannoch. However, fate brings a forsaken young waif into his life, Chrisselle Buchanan. What begins as a simple pairing of Master and pet evolves into something powerful, with the potential to free Ryce from his unbearable curse.

Extended Description:

Ryce Leon is a Master of exceptional experience, introducing the women of Rannoch to his rare skills. Unbeknownst to them, he hides a tragic secret - one that forces him to move from place to place, never putting down roots for fear of discovery. He has learned the terrible price of love and will not suffer such loss again. When the dying Chrisselle is thrust upon him, he is determined to rid himself of her as soon as she recovers. However, the Scottish waif’s brave spirit and curious nature eventually break down his defenses. It is clear that fate has brought them together, but Ryce knows from experience that fate can be a cruel mistress.

Adult Material (18+)

Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.


  1. Sounds good, Red! When is the next Michele Stevens (Phoenix series) coming out?

  2. Daffodilgirl99,

    The next one should come out by early February. Thanks for asking!


  3. I loved this! It was quite different from any other Red stories I have read. Royce was delicious and hypnotic. He excited me and pulled at my heart strings. I found myself racing through the end holding my breath. I can't believe I have to wait until November for the next part in his series!! Truly captivating!!