Tuesday, June 25, 2013

And the naughty teasers continue for Brie AG #6 by Red Phoenix

I aim to tease! ;)

The fun hasn't stopped. Here are a few more wicked teasers to keep you entertained while we wait for the release of Brie #6 of the After Graduation series, due out the first week of July.

Following the revelations found in Brie Learns Restraint (AG, #5), fans are going to learn a lot more about several key characters.

Next set of Teasers:

“I thought of you, thought of your glistening, wet p-- struggling not to come because *I* commanded it.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

He turned her palm upward and kissed her wrist tenderly. “I release you.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

Her knees almost gave out as she watched him swing the bullwhip back and forth before hitting the bottom of the post with a loud snap. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

“As fetching as you look sitting at my table naked, I need you to collect a few things.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

He caressed her ass with his slippery hands, coating her in preparation for his taking.  (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

Brie’s heart beat fast as she bound her own legs for Master. It felt deliciously wicked.  (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6) 

I have acquired a taste for you and will be demanding a sample whenever the urge strikes.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Teasers Begin for Brie #6 of the AG series by Red Phoenix

Yummy Teasers

Yes, dear blog fans, the teasing has commenced. :) Many have asked when this next one is coming out. I am thinking early July. An exact date will be announced closer to publication.

So much will happen in this one, my friends! Here is just a taste...

Teasers for New Brie AG #6

In a fluid motion, [Master] moved Brie behind him as he stepped forward to face the threat alone. “You have no business being here.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

Brie belted herself in as [Master] revved the engine loudly and then took off with a squeal of tires and black smoke. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

Brie giggled as she stepped over Lea’s prostrate body and entered Mary’s apartment.  (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

Her resistance dissolved as she let out a faint anguished cry, turning away from them both. “Truth? I’m damaged goods.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

She became his means of survival as he filled the cavernous hole in his soul with her feminine offering. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

He stared at her from across the room. Despite the situation and the people involved, she was irresistibly drawn to those deep blue eyes. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6) 

“Kneel on the ground, arms outstretched, shoulders pressed to the floor.”
She hid her smile in her long hair as she lay waiting… (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6) 

Brie glided her body over the smooth leather with cat-like grace, the chain jingling pleasantly as she did so. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Khan: Lasting Impressions by Red Phoenix (Sir's POV)

Profits to go to Children's Hospital until it goes FREE on Amazon.

I am offering Khan: Lasting Impressions as a freebie to my fans! This is the chapter-length story I wrote for the blog tour back in May.

Unfortunately, it takes a while to get a freebie set on Amazon. While we wait, I am donating 100% of my profits on this short story (I earn .35 off every .99 purchase) to Children's Hospital Colorado.

(We have raised $228.90 so far!)

Update 6/18/13: We are at $347.20! 

Update 6/23/13: We are now at $446.95! 

Update 6/30/13: We are now at $563.15! 

Update 7/6/13: We are now at$681.10!

* Thanks Torhild for the awesome suggestion of giving away the profits. :)  

I know a lot of people wanted the Khan story from Sir's POV in one easy-to-read document, so I decided to publish it with a awesome cover. (It's the original pose of my models for the novel Brie Learns the Art of Submission, but switched since it is from his point of view.) Giggles!

I love giving back to my fans. I will announce it again once it goes Free on Amazon, until then you can get it on Smashwords for FREE and eventually it should show up on Apple and B&N as well. 

Khan: Lasting Impressions:

Short Story from the Dom's POV: 15 pages

This chapter is taken from my novel, Brie Learns the Art of Submission. Fans have been begging for a scene from Sir’s point of view, but I have resisted because this is Brie’s story. However, there is one scene in the novel (the chapter titled ‘Serving her Khan’) that deserved another POV. Fans could not know all the work and attention Sir Davis put into setting up Brie’s last fantasy before graduation.

It is with a full heart that I give this free gift to you:
A chapter written from Sir’s POV

You know I love you, peeps! ~Red Phoenix

Adult Material (18+)

Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Erotic Adventures of Amy and Troy: Sensual Erotica by Red Pheonix

Available on Amazon, Smashwords, and B&N, soon to be in paperback!

I'm so excited!!! This collection of short stories is my first love, so to speak. Loving Amy, the initial story in the series was published in December of 2011 - the first of many by Red Phoenix. This series of shorts is the sensuous story of two lovers who fate has a little 'fun' playing with. It's sexy, romantic, and wicked at times...

This novel won an award for Best Indie Short Romance AND spawned:

- Blissfully Undone
- The Brie Series
- His Scottish Pet 

* It also showcases one of the trainers of the Brie series (Master Anderson) - back in his earlier days.  HOT!

I have had it professional edited, formatted, and a new cover created to do justice to this tantalizing tale. It is now available in eBook and will be available in paperback in the next few days.

The Erotic Adventures of Amy and Troy
is a set of 14 short stories that are all interconnected. These are my past experiences and fantasies all rolled into one delicious novel. Besides a wide variety of sexual experiences, this is a tender love story.

 The Erotic Adventures of Amy and Troy: Sensual Erotica - 

A badly placed mistletoe can ruin lives--or enhance them.

This award-winning collection of fourteen sexy shorts will become your new
guilty pleasure, filled with erotic scenes and romantic moments that will make
your heart swoon.

Amy Gardner and Troy Dawson suffer from an ill-fated love
affair. True love reigns, but life seems to continually throw the young couple
into the arms of others. Spicy erotic encounters take Amy and Troy to places
they never imagined, but their love for each other remains strong--until the accident. How can love survive the day Amy loses all her memories of Troy Dawson?

Adult Material (18+)

Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Brie Restrained...The Fifth in the New Brie Series by Red Phoenix

Brie Learns Restraint now available on Amazon, Smashwords, and B&N!

Book number four, Brie Faces her Master's Fears, left readers wondering how Brie's story would play out. I have been told it was either a cruel or wonderful cliffhanger, depending on your preferences. 

Well, now you get to join Brie on this very interesting, life-changing journey. But it is not just the new D/s dynamic that we explore, readers also get to find out personal information about Marquis Gray and Ms. Clark. 

A new character is going to make his/her (not giving hints) presence known. This is someone I have wanted to introduce you to for a long time. Yay!

Brie Learns Restraint:

Brie is given the opportunity to work under the mastery of another Dom - an expert in bondage. During the unique arrangement she discovers truths about herself and several of her past trainers. A new passion is ignited when she participates in an erotic class of Kinbaku. Loyalties are challenged, but a clear winner emerges. Can Brie resist the seductive call of the rope?

This fifth novella in the AG series explores the sensuous allure of bondage and the power of love that binds.

Extended Description:

Brie’s Master leaves her under the care of a trusted Dom, but serving another is not easy for the young submissive. The new arrangement challenges the developing relationship between Brie and her Master. Emotional ties, as well as old desires, are tested. Brie gains clarity from the experience, but faces an unforeseen complication neither anticipated.

Adult Material (18+)

Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.