Tuesday, June 25, 2013

And the naughty teasers continue for Brie AG #6 by Red Phoenix

I aim to tease! ;)

The fun hasn't stopped. Here are a few more wicked teasers to keep you entertained while we wait for the release of Brie #6 of the After Graduation series, due out the first week of July.

Following the revelations found in Brie Learns Restraint (AG, #5), fans are going to learn a lot more about several key characters.

Next set of Teasers:

“I thought of you, thought of your glistening, wet p-- struggling not to come because *I* commanded it.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

He turned her palm upward and kissed her wrist tenderly. “I release you.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

Her knees almost gave out as she watched him swing the bullwhip back and forth before hitting the bottom of the post with a loud snap. (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

“As fetching as you look sitting at my table naked, I need you to collect a few things.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

He caressed her ass with his slippery hands, coating her in preparation for his taking.  (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)

Brie’s heart beat fast as she bound her own legs for Master. It felt deliciously wicked.  (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6) 

I have acquired a taste for you and will be demanding a sample whenever the urge strikes.” (~Red Phoenix, New Brie #6)


  1. You're wicked!!! Stop teasing!!! ;)

  2. I'm sorry, Laina. I must. ;)


  3. i am a willing victim to your sadistic teasing Red. guess that makes me a masochist and a perfect pet for the Russian Master! Keep them coming and maybe I will make it till July. lol

  4. Your quotes are the sweetest torture!

    ~ Marla