Michelle Stevens

I have another pen name. Why? Because this series is a romance with a spiritual twist.

There is NO erotica, but still lots of love and humor. The Phoenix series is based on the romance of hubby and I back in the 80's.

If you want to know how we met and fell in love (in a fictional setting), check out Phoenix 1-4.

Warning: This is a romantic tragedy. The ending is a culmination of many events of my life rolled into one. It is fictional, but the emotions are real.

Four Part Phoenix Series Compiled into One Beautiful Novel!

The Sequel to Phoenix of the Heart
The Love Endures Serial

Love Endures, Phoenix

(Book 1 of the Love Endures Serial)

Love is Patient, Phoenix

(Book 2 of the Love Endures Serial)

Love Saves, Phoenix

(Book 3 of the Love Endures Serial)

Love Conquers, Phoenix

(The Final book in the Love Endures Serial)


  1. HELP!!! I can't find books 2, 3 or 4 of the Phoenix series on amazon. I read Phoenix Rising and enjoyed it, now I am reading Phoenix of the Heart, but I am afraid I am going to miss some important parts of the story if I just go on to the Love Endures series without getting to read Phoenix books 2, 3 and 4. :(

    1. No worries, Kent. Phoenix of the Heart is the complete Phoenix series. Love Endures is the serial that follows it. I am currently working on the last of that one. It is a wild, exciting ride. ~Red AKA Michelle

  2. I need to update this page don't I? :) ~Red

  3. Much as I love Brie and want the rest of her new stor(ies) I want the last Love Endures almost as much. Please hurry that along too!

  4. Now that Brie's Christmas is completed, PLEASE, please give us the rest of the Phoenix stories. It would make a wonderful Christmas present for all of your fans!!! <3