Blissful Series

It all began one morning when I woke up to my world covered in a blanket of white. I mused, what would happen if two friends were snowed in together and one of them had a crush on the other...

( The 4-part series in one tantalizing novel)

Available in eBook and Paperback



Blissfully Snowbound
(Snowy Fun - Two people find themselves snowbound in a cabin where hidden love can flourish)
Blissfully In Love
(Sexy Ménage a Trois- The sequel to Blissfully Snowbound explores the loving relationship between one girl and two handsome guys)

Blissfully Broken
(Scandalous Threesome – The third in the Blissful series. The sexy threesome is headed towards rough waters after a certain ex friend exacts her revenge)

Blissfully Taken

(Sweet Finale—The fourth and final in the Blissful series. The ménage has shattered, but the love shared will not die despite a scorned woman’s best efforts)

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