Monday, December 31, 2012

On the Sixth Day After Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

Just a bite of chocolate lovin'...

The course is challenging Brie with objectification, animal play, a lesson in flying and a chocolate encounter with Falean. She learns a deeper level of surrender as she gives herself over to her Doms' unique desires. In this book I hint to my love of dubstep, music I find quite stimulating. ;)

Excerpt from Brie Surrenders to His Will:  
(Novelette is .99 on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Smashwords. For the complete 9-part series in one novel, click here.)
 “No, close your eyes and give yourself over to the music.”

She closed her eyes as he’d commanded. She hadn’t heard music like it before. The beat demanded her movement, and the bass drove its vibrations straight to her loins. She relaxed and allowed it to carry her.
“That’s it, blossom…”
His praise heightened her pleasure as she danced for Faelan. The bass vibrated in her core, the electronic notes highlighting the score as she moved instinctually to the erotic rhythm.
Goose bumps rose on her skin when she felt his hot breath upon her shoulder. He pressed against her and started moving with her. The two gyrated together as a single unit, in time with the sensual beat. She looked down at his masculine arm wrapped around her waist, struck by how intensely male he was.
He moved away from her and ordered her to continue dancing. She did so reluctantly, wanting Faelan to continue his physical seduction of her. She closed her eyes again and moved to the rhythm, swaying her hips and moving her arms gracefully above her head, feeling totally, utterly female.
Her nipples hardened as she felt his naked skin pressing against her, his firm cock tucked between her ass cheeks. Then she felt warm liquid down her front, and the scent of milk chocolate filled her nostrils. Her eyes popped open. She looked down and watched his chocolate- covered hands make dark trails over her white skin.
“Keep dancing,” he murmured.
They moved in sync with the music as he covered her chest in warm chocolate. He left for a second and then returned, his hands dripping with more of the sweet ambrosia. She put her hands over his and followed them as they trailed down her stomach and then moved to her waist, grabbing her aggressively. She laid her head back against his shoulder, giving in to the warm sensation of his chocolate caress.
He panted in her ear like an animal. Then she felt his masculine hand grasp her throat, holding her possessively. She was overcome by the gesture, loving the submissive emotion it provoked. “Release your animal, blossom,” he growled. He then pushed two fingers into her mouth and she started sucking them as they continued to grind to the music.
When the beat slowed, Faelan turned her around and pushed Brie to her knees, then joined her on the floor. He cupped her breasts in his hands and squeezed them together before licking and biting her chocolate flesh. Brie moaned raggedly, but her voice could not compete with the loud music filling her senses. The driving rhythm made her feel young, reckless, wild… She scratched her chocolaty fingernails down his chest. She looked down at his long, hard cock and cried, “I need…”
His lustful stare melted her loins. He turned her away from him, forcing her onto her hands and knees. Faelan grabbed her buttocks roughly, sexually, with only one thought in mind—to impale her with his manhood. She growled with animal passion as he delivered a powerful thrust. The two of them fucked to the aggressive beat of the music. His thrusts were demanding and she met every stroke by pushing against him, driving him in deeper. Needing more…
He sensed her unspoken desire and pushed her to the cold marble, shoving his cock deeper. She closed her eyes and accepted all of him. Possess me!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

On the Fifth Day After Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A dinner date with Marquis Gray...

If you haven't already guessed, I have a personal 'thing' for Marquis. I thoroughly enjoyed writing his scene knowing exactly what was going through his head when he orchestrated the restaurant scene. This novelette also contains Brie's first session with Master Anderson and her encounter with Captain. Love this one!

Excerpt from Brie on Display:  
(Novelette is .99 on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Smashwords. For the complete 9-part series in one novel, click here.)

“Which is it, pearl? Are you my submissive or not?”
She closed her eyes. This was so much bigger than a simple sexual request, and she felt chills of indecision consume her. It was a defining moment for Brie, and she knew it—one of those forks in the road where, once the decision was made, there would be no turning back.
Brie finally opened her eyes and looked around the dining room. People were engrossed in conversations or staring at menus. Being in the corner, she and Marquis Gray were not that noticeable. Of course, there were the random people walking to and fro, but she would just have to take a chance with them. With a casualness she did not feel, she dropped her napkin and bent down to pick it up. In the process, she lifted the linen tablecloth as if it were an ordinary thing to do, and ducked under the table.
Once she found herself hidden from view under the table, Brie felt the thrill of her assignment. She crawled between Marquis’ legs and slowly unzipped his slacks. The simple action was made difficult due to the bulge in his pants, but feeling the rigidity of his shaft made her even wetter. This scenario was equally exciting for them both.
She freed his cock from his briefs and was just about to place the head of his shaft into her mouth when she heard the waiter return. “Are you ready to order, sir, or would you like me to wait for the young lady?”
Marquis Gray guided her mouth onto his cock with his hand at the back of her head. “I will order for both of us…”
Brie swirled her tongue around the ridge of his member before taking him deeper. Even in the shadows under the table, she could see his uniquely curved shaft. It excited her and she sucked even harder.
She was rewarded with the sound of his grunt. He adjusted the vibrator to a much faster rate and she moaned softly around his dick. When he had finished with the order and the waiter was presumably out of earshot, she heard his reminder from above: “No coming, pearl.”
She opened her throat to him and took his entire shaft then. The curve of his manhood forced her to take him at a different angle, but she was still able to press her red lips against his dark pubic hair. He stiffened as she made her subtle thrusting movements while taking his cock deep in her throat. The waiter returned and asked if he would like pepper on their salads.
Brie wasn’t sure how Marquis managed it, but he answered in a normal tone, “No pepper for either of us, thank you.” When the man moved away, Marquis fisted her long hair and guided her. She gave in to his rhythm and pace as he leisurely face-fucked her under the table.
Brie couldn’t believe that she was in the middle of a famous restaurant, deep-throating her trainer while a vibrator buzzed between her legs. It was surreal and erotic. She was almost disappointed when he came. His essence slid down her throat and she licked up any remaining traces before zipping up his pants and wiping her mouth with the napkin she’d dropped. She remained between his legs while he eased the vibrator back down to the lowest setting. Brie waited until she heard the command, “You can join me now.”
Brie lifted the white cloth and as nonchalantly as she could, sat back down on the chair, placing her hand on his upper thigh. She sneaked a glance in Mr. Holloway’s direction and was grateful to see he was still engaged with his girls.
Marquis turned off the vibrator and looked at her knowingly. “That was not an easy command for you to follow. Do you regret it?”
Her eyes did not waver when she answered, “No, Mister Gray. I enjoyed it.”
He nodded and ordered, “Eat your salad.”
After dinner, they made their way back to the bus stop. The streets were still packed with people enjoying the LA nightlife. Brie noticed a sweet couple walking hand in hand. As they passed by, the girl smiled at her and the guy winked.
Marquis abruptly stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and grasped the back of her neck, kissing her deeply as he turned the vibrator on full blast. Her knees gave out, but he held her in his arms and thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. Not coming at that moment was extremely difficult—pure torture, to be exact.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

On the Fourth Day After Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

Tied up time with Tono...

I love the sensation of being bound, and Kinbaku adds the element of art to the mix. What a lovely combination! On auction day, Tono finally gets to demonstrate his craft. It is a delicious encounter that brings the two closer both physically and emotionally.
Excerpt from Brie Embraces Bondage:  
(Novelette is .99 on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Smashwords. For the complete 9-part series in one novel, click here.)

 He led her to the couch and asked her to bend over the overstuffed arm. She heard the swish of silk and then felt his hard cock press against her moist entrance. “You will find that being taken while bound like this feels completely different.”
Brie moaned as he slowly pushed into her. He was right; it was strangely exhilarating. She couldn’t adjust or scream because the rope’s tight constriction didn’t allow for it. She could only lie there and enjoy his manly onslaught.
She felt delightfully helpless. Tears ran down her face from the sheer joy of her powerlessness. “I love it, Tono,” she breathed softly.
“I know, toriko. You and I are in harmony.” His cock stroked her leisurely at first and then he slowly built up to a burst of energy, letting out a flood of lust that left her breathless. She rode the wave of his lovemaking, thoroughly mesmerized. He groaned as he came, his hot seed bursting deep inside her. Then he stopped, his cock still hard. Just like the time before, her body began to tense around him and pleasant chills took over.
“Yes, my slave…”
She whimpered when her clit began to pulsate and then her inner muscles started their rhythmic dance around his cock as she climaxed. He kissed the nape of her neck, growling softly until her orgasm spent itself.
He caressed her ass as he pulled out, and then cleaned her again. Tono picked up the camera. “Look into the lens, little one. I want to capture that fresh-come look.”
She smiled at the camera with no need to pose. She was satiated and it radiated from her naturally.
“So beautiful, toriko,” he said repeatedly as he continued to shoot.
He put the camera down and grabbed another piece of rope. “Now, I will heighten your arousal.”
He told her to lean back. The way in which he had tied her arms allowed them to support her now. He took hold of her ankle and bent her leg so that her ankle rested against the inner thigh of the same leg. He bound them together and then spread her leg out, securing it to the other rope with another set of decorative knots. When he stepped away to get his camera, Brie couldn’t help herself. She tried to struggle against the constriction, but the jute held her tightly in its grip. A gush of wetness ran down the crease of her ass. She loved being at the mercy of the rope. Brie threw her head back and moaned in satisfaction.
“Don’t move. That’s lovely.” She lay perfectly still as he preserved her state of bliss on film. She thought he was going to start on the other leg and squealed when she felt him lick her sex.
“Oh, too much, too much!” Brie’s clit was extra sensitive in the wake of his pounding. She didn’t think her poor body could handle being eaten.
His chuckle was low and vibrated on her clit. “That is the beauty of the rope, little one. I am in control. I say when it is enough.” His tongue swirled around her clit and outer folds, tasting her juices. When he began sucking, it sent a shockwave through her. She tried to pull away, but all he had to do was hold down her untied leg and he was free to continue. She whimpered and begged him to stop as the feeling grew stronger. It didn’t feel like a normal orgasm approaching, and it unnerved her.
“Please, Tono. Stop,” she whimpered.
He ignored her pleas. Whatever it was, it was coming over her and she was powerless to prevent it. When it hit, time stopped for Brie. An ice-cold wave gripped her body and held her in its grasp. Her pussy contracted in response and refused to stop.
           She made little mewing sounds, unable to speak—to think.  

Friday, December 28, 2012

On the Third Day After Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A little oral pleasure...

Truly, when I came up with the idea of this particular novelette I felt a tingling sensation, the kind I get when I have stumbled onto a great idea. I wanted to share with others the techniques (for men and women) used in the simple but often misunderstood sexual pleasures known as cunnilingus & fellatio. 

This is also the book where "I googled it, Sir" comes into play. ;)

Excerpt from Brie Practices Her Oral Skills:  
(Novelette is .99 on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Smashwords. For the complete 9-part series in one novel, click here.)

 “Proceed to the stage, Miss Bennett,” Sir commanded with his velvet voice.
She floated to him. It was just Sir and her—there was no other reality.
“Are you ready, Miss Bennett?”
Keeping her eyes on the floor, she responded, “I am, Sir.” She paused and added, “Mr. Gallant suggested I use the techniques I learned today.”
“Of course. I assumed you would.”
She didn’t know if it was overly bold, but she asked, “May I strip for you, Sir?”
He snapped his fingers and one of the assistants produced a chair. Sir sat down and graced her with one of his delicious smirks. “By all means.”
Brie swayed her hips from side to side, trying to lure Sir into her seductive web. She slowly untied her corset, letting it open, but not allowing it to expose her breasts. Before she undid the last tie, she turned around and looked over her shoulder at him as her corset fell to the floor. She covered her breasts with her arms, her milky white skin blushing with excitement as she turned back towards him. She gave him a sexy pout and then let her hands drop to her sides.
She playfully fingered her long, brown curls and twirled once for him. Then she shimmied out of her panties, held them up and, with a naughty little smile, let them drop to the floor. She briefly lifted her skirt to show off her bare pussy. Next, she removed her shoes and then her thigh-highs, one luscious leg at a time. She let the hose drift to the floor, on top of her small pile of clothing. She kept her microskirt on, in accordance with the first technique.
Brie approached Sir and slowly knelt down at his feet, ready to take his cock in the position recommended in the second technique. Sir’s smile had grown wider as he’d observed her.
“Entertaining to watch,” he complimented. He stood up and removed all of his clothes. She marveled at his fit frame, the dark patch of hair on his chest and his princely cock. Then he stood before her, his handsome manhood just inches from her face.
“I want you to suck me the same way you did Baron.”
Tears of gratitude pricked her eyes. She was being given permission to express her feelings for him before the practice session. Brie took his rigid and perfectly formed cock in her hand, guiding it to her lips. She swirled her tongue over the ridge of his smooth head and moaned softly, remembering the third technique.
Brie took her time as she took more and more of him into her mouth, building up the anticipation of when her lips would encase his entire shaft. She continually sneaked glances at Sir and made lusty noises. He met those glances with his intense stare. He remained silent, but seemed completely entranced by her mouth.
When she felt ready, she looked up at him, hoping her honey-colored eyes clearly expressed her total and complete devotion. The head of his cock breached the entrance of her throat and she slowly forced it down until her lips touched the base of his shaft. Then she grabbed his hips and began the gentle, shallow thrusting motions. Sir threw back his head and let out a deep sigh.
When she needed oxygen, she slowly pulled away, but did not release his cock from her lips. She remembered the fourth technique and guided one of his hands to the back of her head. She purred at the feeling of submissiveness the simple contact inspired. Then she let his hard cock slide back down her tight throat. She began the thrusting motion with a little more enthusiasm. This time Sir groaned in pleasure and a wave of wetness coated her aching pussy. Pleasing Sir was such a turn-on!
She continued loving his cock with her throat. The saliva built up until it was freely flowing from her mouth, but she did not wipe it away—technique number five. She knew it would increase his pleasure, providing his cock with the right amount of friction.
Brie wanted to continue forever, but he finally pulled away and stated, “I want to fuck your face now.”
Her loins contracted in pleasure and fear. An assistant entered the stage and handed Sir a strip of red satin. He looked down at Brie tenderly. “I don’t want your hands to be a distraction for you this time.”
Sir tied her wrists together behind her back. She was grateful. Not having control of her hands would allow her to focus better. He stood before Brie again, his cock stiff and hungry for her.
“Open yourself to me.”

Thursday, December 27, 2012

On the Second Day After Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

An encounter with Rytsar, the Russian Dom...

I have always enjoyed my Indian Warrior fantasy, and wanted to explore it in a modern dominant scene. I liked the idea of a foreign Dom (who speaks only Russian) coming in for Brie's first auction. Delish!

Excerpt from Brie Lives Her Fantasy:   
(Novelette is .99 on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Smashwords. For the complete 9-part series in one novel, click here.)

He threw off his jacket, then removed his tie and shirt in fluid movements as he stalked around her, spewing nasty-sounding Russian words. His eyes glowed with unrestrained lust. She struggled in her bonds as he descended upon her. Brie was amazed that this Dom knew exactly how to play her emotions to elicit the desired response.
He grasped the back of her neck possessively, but this time he lingered centimeters from her lips before claiming them. She groaned in pleasure as his tongue violently ravaged her mouth. He was rough with her, but in a way that only made her hotter. She couldn’t wait to be released from her bonds.
Rytsar slowly undid the ties, dragging out the action. When she felt the last of them fall, she tried to make a break for it. He grabbed her waist and wrestled her to the ground, crushing her small frame with his considerable weight.
Rytsar pulled her arms above her head and held her thin wrists with one hand while the other tugged at her thong. She struggled, but was defenseless to stop him. He threw it to the side and forced his fingers between her legs.
“No!” she cried, bucking her hips in an attempt to avoid the penetration, like a proper virgin captive. His chuckle was low when he felt her moist outer lips. He explored her smooth pussy, obviously enjoying the soft texture of her bare skin.
Unfortunately, there was no hiding how much she desired him, despite her feigned protests. His fingers inched inside, invading her moist, velvety depths. She stopped struggling, desperate for his attention after hours of waiting. Rytsar’s talented manipulations had her body humming for release, but he denied her that by pulling his fingers out just as she was about to come.
Though he didn’t lose his grip on her wrists, she heard him unzip his pants. Apparently, he was going to take her on the floor and not the luxurious bed a few feet away. It fit her fantasy. She moaned in delight when she felt his erection against her thigh. In her story, however, she was an innocent, so she wanted to give him a convincing battle.
Brie twisted out from under him, but couldn’t move far due to the painful grip he had on her wrists. He easily positioned himself between her legs again, and this time there was no escape. She felt the round head of his cock penetrate her opening. He took his time, as if he were pushing into the tight opening of a virgin. She whimpered and cried, loving every second of his claiming. Once he had sunk his shaft fully inside her wet walls, he looked into her eyes and murmured what she assumed were Russian sweet nothings.
She stared up at him and took in his pure maleness. He was solid and imposing, with his sexy bald head, blue eyes and the naughty curve to his lips. He let go of her wrists, then lifted her hips up with both hands.
Brie threw her head back and moaned in unreserved pleasure. She was finally being fucked by her warrior. She arched her back and gave her body over to him.
His thrusts were strong and demanding. She had to remind herself to relax in order to take his entirety. She groaned as his speed and depth increased. He grabbed handfuls of her hair, grunting in his own pleasure while his tight pelvic muscles delivered repeated thrusts.
She could feel the burn on her back as they slowly inched across the carpet. It added to the brutish feel of their coupling. She wrapped her legs around his waist and cried out so the whole house could hear. “Rytsar, you’re too big!” She screamed loudly, adding, “But I like it, oh, yes…! You make it hurt so good.” Even though she knew he couldn’t understand, she suspected some of his friends spoke English and it pleased her to promote his manliness to the crowd.
He grasped her face in his hands and kissed her deeply while he consumed her with his body. The ridge of his shaft rubbed that area deep inside that made her legs quiver uncontrollably. She purred into his mouth as he brought her to the edge, but then he stopped. Rytsar pulled out, chuckling wickedly under his breath.
He turned Brie onto her stomach and grunted out a command she assumed meant ‘stay’. She lay on the carpet, breathless and needy. He came back to her less than a minute later and lay on top of her body with his rigid member between her butt cheeks. He lifted her pelvis up with one hand and pressed his lubricated cock against her asshole.
Brie hadn’t been expecting him to take her anally, and she freaked. She clawed the floor, attempting to crawl away from him. He grabbed her and pulled her back. She screamed out in real fear then, tears running down her face.
Rytsar held her tightly in both arms and whispered soothingly, “Shhh…Shhh…” as his cock resumed its position and began pressing against her anus.
She froze and a small whimper escaped her lips. He wiped the tears from her cheeks, murmuring softly. A calmness took over when she realized he was going to be gentle. He continued to press his cock against her tight hole, demanding access. He was trying to claim a part of her she hadn’t planned to give—just like the innocent in her fantasy.
Brie could call out the safe word and end this encounter, or she could give in and let her warrior have his way. A tingling sensation crept through her entire body as she made the conscious decision to surrender.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On the First Day After Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A taste of the flogger under Marquis' expert hand...

Truly, I had intended to end Brie's story after the second night of class, but fans would have none of it. It was while writing novelette three that I determined I would write Brie's full course. There were many Doms and many experiences I wanted to share.

Excerpt from Brie Learns Her Power as a Submissive:   
(Novelette is .99 on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Smashwords. For the complete 9-part series in one novel, click here.)

“Do you realize how beautiful you are right now?” he murmured. “Black lace covering your eyes, the black silk cascading down your back from your wrists and those delectable nipples hard with anticipation for what is yet to come…”
He leaned in even closer and said, in a barely audible whisper, “Clark and Coen wanted to dismiss you after they learned of Thane’s breach of protocol last night.” Marquis Gray had given her a gift by confirming Sir’s first name, but the joy of that was tempered by the knowledge that all of the trainers knew the nature of her intimate encounter with Sir. He continued, “But Gallant and I don’t believe such obvious talent should suffer for Thane’s little indiscretion.” He moved to her other ear. “Prove those two wrong, my little pearl. Show them that you are more than Thane’s plaything.”
He stood up and said in a commanding voice, for everyone to hear, “Lean forward more.”
Brie did as she was told and held her breath while she waited for the sting of the flogger. Instead, Marquis Gray’s touch was light as he rubbed the lace against her skin. The roughness of it felt like a gentle scratch, and Brie relaxed. He rubbed her upper back just under the shoulder blades on both sides of her spine. When there was a pleasant warmness to the area, he began gently slapping her skin with the flat of his palm. It reminded her of a doctor tapping the vein just before the poke of a needle.
She sighed nervously. Her body was starting to tingle in anticipation of her first real flogging, but this wasn’t punishment. It was somehow sensual—a completely different animal.
She heard him rifle through the chest. “We are warming up, pearl. To make this a pleasurable experience, I need to get your endorphins flowing.” With that, she heard and felt the stinging slap of the leather glove. She gasped out of surprise, although it didn’t exactly hurt. “What is your color?” he asked.
Brie realized he was asking how she was doing and answered immediately, “Green.”
“Fine.” He brushed her hair to the side so he had free access to her back. His touch suddenly had a different feel. Her body was attuned to it, hungry for it.
He addressed the other girls when he spoke. “Never let an amateur practice flogging on you. It can be a harmful activity if a novice attempts it. Understand that there are only certain areas on the human body that can be flogged without causing damage. Choose an experienced Dom or have your Dominant study and practice on inanimate objects before he or she ever lays a hand on you. Am I making myself perfectly clear?”
The girls must have nodded because Marquis Gray turned his attention back to Brie, tracing a circle on her back before slapping the area with the glove. The tingling in her body increased as he continued to strike her with the glove with a constant, rhythmic pattern. It gave her body the chance to anticipate each hit, making the little electrical shockwaves of each contact more enjoyable.
“Color, pearl?” he said in a low, lustful tone.
“Are you ready for more?”
Her heart quickened. “Yes, Master.”
His baritone laugh caused her juices to flow. “Ah, I like hearing that word come out of your mouth.” She heard him discard the glove and assumed he was picking up the flogger. In her mind, it was a jet black one with fifty tails. She could just imagine how she looked, her hands still at her neck bound by the black silk, her eyes covered in lace, her chest panting rapidly, the skin on her back red from the leather. Then there was Marquis Gray, poised behind her, ready to lash her with the menacing-looking flogger. What were the other girls thinking? How did it make Sir feel?
Brie cleared her mind and readied herself for the first hit. She had thought she was ready, but she was not. The multiple tails hit the right side of her back with a loud thud, and she yelped.
“Color?” he asked.
“Perfect.” Her Dom stroked her hair with his free hand, causing a river of tender sensations. “Your endorphins are starting to flow now. Do you feel it?”
She nodded, hoping he would continue stroking her hair, but he pulled back and announced, “I am going to flog you on the other side now. Give in to the sensation. Embrace it.” She heard the movement in the air before she felt the impact. A loud thud echoed in her head. This time, she whimpered softly. Although his swing had been a little harder, it left her feeling warm.
“Yellowish green.”
He chuckled. “I think you are properly warmed up, pearl.”
He moved away from her and then the sound of Mozart suddenly filled the auditorium. He placed something in front of her and said, “Lean against it. You’ll need the support when you enter subspace.” She leaned her chest against what must have been a stool.
He stood behind her and said soothingly, “Enjoy the ride.”
She took a deep breath, feeling almost lightheaded. There was no fear, only excitement for what was about to happen. The rain of blows began in steady rhythm with the music. Each thud of contact sent waves of electricity through her body. The sensation started at the point of contact, but grew as it flowed through her. It reminded her of a drop of rain landing in still water. Tears of pleasure squeezed themselves through the blindfold as she let the music and sensations carry her.
Brie was disappointed when he stopped. He lightly brushed the curve of her neck with his fingers. She moaned softly at the intimate contact. Then he took the silk hanging from her wrists and teased her skin with the ends of it. She purred as the cool silk trailed over her warm back. Her whole body focused on the erotic feel of it.
“Color?” he growled lustfully. It was obvious by the tone of his voice that he found his role sexually exciting.
“Green, Master. Oh, so very green.”
“More then?”