Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Varick: The Reckoning by Red Phoenix

Varick: The Reckoning now available on Amazon , Barnes &Noble and  Smashwords!    (Merry Christmas!)

I have had a vampire with me since I was a teenager.  This character has haunted my dreams for many years... A vampire like no other, moralistic but condemned to kill humans.

Varick survives in the vampire world as a loner until he meets Aleshia. She wants to end her life, but he finds he cannot let her die and condemns her to his hell. Pain and suffering follow the couple, and they seek escape. Aleshia's blood transforms Varick into a new creature. One that is set to rain retribution on those that have wronged them.

The passionate vampire has vengeance on his mind, but Aleshia is the chink in his armor and may end up his undoing.

Varick: The Reckoning

The dark, sexy world Varick Roth is born into is ruthless and harsh - vampires are lethal creatures. He resists the violent culture, but his is a lonely existence until Aleshia enters the darkness. Theirs is a tumultuous love affair rife with pain, revenge, & passionate sex. In desperation, they share their blood to escape hell, transforming Varick into a new creation. One with terrible and colossal powers…

This erotic novella explores a unique vampire society defined by its violence and lust. Thrust into this dark world, Varick must fight to retain his noble character in the midst of extreme cruelty. He is transformed by a bite into something new. An aberration of nature that will change the vampire world forever. Varick IS the Reckoning.

Adult Material (18+)

Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.

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