Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some of My Favorite Things ~ Red Phoenix

My fave jammies, like seriously! ~CafePress

If you are in need of Christmas ideas for yourself or others, check out both Red Phoenix stores.

On CafePress and Zazzle there are a bunch of fun products created by Nicole Delfs and Linda Cline. These are some of my favorites. When I say favorites, I mean I love these items and enjoy them daily!  :)  ~Red

My Sub Mug ~ Zazzle

Dom Mug ~Zazzle

The Bumper Sticker on My Car ~ CafePress

Brie Ornaments ~ Zazzle

My Magnets ~ Zazzle

Travel Mug ~ CafePress

Google Keychain ~ CafePress

Phoenix Pillow ~ CafePress

 Those who have been naughty and nice deserve a little wicked fun. ;)

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