Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On the Fourth Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A taaaaste of Deeper Baby!...

My next concept for Troy and Amy was to visit them on the same night. Both are determined to move on, but neither can stop thinking about the other. This one night features sensuality, taboo acts, and deep longing.

Excerpt from the short story Deeper Baby!: 
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“That is so sensual,” he said. “I could come just watching you do that.”
She winked at him. “And now for something completely different…” Amy braced herself and started thrusting his cock deep into her faster and faster. He grabbed onto her waist and increased the strength of the strokes. The friction of the thrusts stimulated her already sensitive clit and she cried out in pure bliss.
Troy groaned. “If you come, I’ll come.”
“Okay...” She braced herself so she could rub her clit harder against him while at the same time pushing his cock further inside her molten pussy. Amy also increased the tempo, knowing it wouldn’t take much. Troy used his arm strength to aid in the depth of his penetration. Amy threw her head back in ecstasy.
Greg said, “I want to kiss you while you’re coming.”
Amy turned her head to meet his lips. Greg pressed his mouth against hers and teased her with his tongue. She started moaning as the tension built to an intense level. When Greg reached over and pinched her nipples, it sent her over the edge. Keeping her lips on his, she allowed her body to lose control. Her pussy started contracting around Troy’s cock. As it squeezed him, Troy exploded deep within her. Her cries of pleasure were stifled as she kept her lips locked on Greg’s. He pressed his lips harder against hers and the two groaned in each other's mouths.

          In that instant, Amy felt the three of them were connected. The feeling was so intimate Amy didn’t think anything could ever match it.
When her second orgasm ended, she slowly rolled off Troy and sat beside him in the big leather chair. “That was the best yet.”
Troy swept a sweaty strand of hair off her face. “I have to agree.”
Greg brushed the inside of her slick thigh. “Do you think you could handle another come?”
She looked at him in awe. “I just climaxed twice, one right after the other.”
“I know…and I bet I can make you come again if you let me.”
A slow grin spread across her face. “You really think so?”
Greg looked down at his dick. “My cock certainly does.” She had forgotten how quickly Greg got hard again.
“Who am I to disagree with a confident cock?”
“Come over here,” he instructed. Amy got up from the chair and walked over to Greg. He stood her in front of the large mirror. “Watch me while I touch you.”
Amy stared in fascination as Greg ran his hands over her breasts, cupping them and then pushing them together. “Look how sexy they are. You have the most gorgeous breasts I’ve seen. I had no idea they could fuck a cock so delightfully.” Amy giggled, remembering their last time together.
He then ran his hands down her stomach. “So smooth and flat, leading me right to that beautiful red mound.” He ran his fingers over her pussy. “Proof that you are a real redhead.”
She put her hand over his, directing his fingers to touch her slippery pussy. She spread her legs a little wider and watched his fingers slide into her. Greg began stroking Amy slowly while he bit lightly on her neck. It caused a trail of shivers down her spine.
Troy joined them and started rubbing his hands on her breasts while Greg concentrated on her pussy. She looked at their reflection. It was arousing watching two men pleasing her with their hands. Troy turned her head and began French kissing her. She snuck a peek in the mirror and was turned-on watching his tongue kiss her as Greg continued to stroke her swollen pussy. 
“Do you want to try something different?” Troy whispered in her ear. “It’ll be fun to watch in the mirror.” 

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