Monday, December 31, 2012

On the Sixth Day After Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

Just a bite of chocolate lovin'...

The course is challenging Brie with objectification, animal play, a lesson in flying and a chocolate encounter with Falean. She learns a deeper level of surrender as she gives herself over to her Doms' unique desires. In this book I hint to my love of dubstep, music I find quite stimulating. ;)

Excerpt from Brie Surrenders to His Will:  
(Novelette is .99 on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Smashwords. For the complete 9-part series in one novel, click here.)
 “No, close your eyes and give yourself over to the music.”

She closed her eyes as he’d commanded. She hadn’t heard music like it before. The beat demanded her movement, and the bass drove its vibrations straight to her loins. She relaxed and allowed it to carry her.
“That’s it, blossom…”
His praise heightened her pleasure as she danced for Faelan. The bass vibrated in her core, the electronic notes highlighting the score as she moved instinctually to the erotic rhythm.
Goose bumps rose on her skin when she felt his hot breath upon her shoulder. He pressed against her and started moving with her. The two gyrated together as a single unit, in time with the sensual beat. She looked down at his masculine arm wrapped around her waist, struck by how intensely male he was.
He moved away from her and ordered her to continue dancing. She did so reluctantly, wanting Faelan to continue his physical seduction of her. She closed her eyes again and moved to the rhythm, swaying her hips and moving her arms gracefully above her head, feeling totally, utterly female.
Her nipples hardened as she felt his naked skin pressing against her, his firm cock tucked between her ass cheeks. Then she felt warm liquid down her front, and the scent of milk chocolate filled her nostrils. Her eyes popped open. She looked down and watched his chocolate- covered hands make dark trails over her white skin.
“Keep dancing,” he murmured.
They moved in sync with the music as he covered her chest in warm chocolate. He left for a second and then returned, his hands dripping with more of the sweet ambrosia. She put her hands over his and followed them as they trailed down her stomach and then moved to her waist, grabbing her aggressively. She laid her head back against his shoulder, giving in to the warm sensation of his chocolate caress.
He panted in her ear like an animal. Then she felt his masculine hand grasp her throat, holding her possessively. She was overcome by the gesture, loving the submissive emotion it provoked. “Release your animal, blossom,” he growled. He then pushed two fingers into her mouth and she started sucking them as they continued to grind to the music.
When the beat slowed, Faelan turned her around and pushed Brie to her knees, then joined her on the floor. He cupped her breasts in his hands and squeezed them together before licking and biting her chocolate flesh. Brie moaned raggedly, but her voice could not compete with the loud music filling her senses. The driving rhythm made her feel young, reckless, wild… She scratched her chocolaty fingernails down his chest. She looked down at his long, hard cock and cried, “I need…”
His lustful stare melted her loins. He turned her away from him, forcing her onto her hands and knees. Faelan grabbed her buttocks roughly, sexually, with only one thought in mind—to impale her with his manhood. She growled with animal passion as he delivered a powerful thrust. The two of them fucked to the aggressive beat of the music. His thrusts were demanding and she met every stroke by pushing against him, driving him in deeper. Needing more…
He sensed her unspoken desire and pushed her to the cold marble, shoving his cock deeper. She closed her eyes and accepted all of him. Possess me!

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