Friday, December 21, 2012

On the Twenty-First Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

Love in the middle of nature...

There is a reason I enjoy living in the Rockies and mountain sex is certainly one of them. In this last book of the Blissful series, Dan seduces Jenny under the stars out in the cold night air. He's such a demanding lover... ;)

Excerpt from Blissfully Taken: 
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 The two walked over to the car and Dan helped her sit on the edge of the hood. His hands caressed her shoulders and then snuck behind her back. She felt him unhook her bra and it fell away from her breasts. The chilly air had an immediate effect on her nipples. “Oh, lovelies,” Dan growled, “have you missed me?” His warm lips encased one breast while his fingers tugged and teased the other.
Jenny threw her head back, bracing herself against the car with her elbows. “They have missed you, Dan. Very much…”
He pushed her down as he kissed his way up to her collarbone. She resisted, but Dan was insistent in his pressure and she gasped when she finally gave in and felt the warmth of the blanket. “Oh, now that is nice,” she purred.
She relaxed on the hood and did not resist further when Dan pulled at her jeans. He removed her panties next and let them fall to the snowy ground. Then Dan spread her legs open so that he could admire her femininity. She found the bitter cold on her clit sexy.
“You are perfection, Jenny. Your Cherokee skin, that dark little mound, those pink inviting lips…” He bent down and took a long, hot lick of her sex. “There is nothing as perfect as you.”
“You, Dan,” she whispered.
He shook his head. “No, my love. I am your complement, but you are the prize.”
Jenny was touched by his words and wanted him inside her that instant. Jenny wiggled seductively on the car. “Partake of me, complement.”
She giggled as Dan awkwardly stripped out of the rest of his clothes. He crawled onto the hood, lying on top of her. Her giggles instantly quieted when his shaft pressed against her opening. “Dan…”
“Yes?” he asked, remaining completely still.
“I need you.”
He pressed his cock harder against her inner lips. “Is this what you need, woman?”
She nodded, smiling up at him. Dan slowly pushed the head of his shaft inside her warm depths—and then stopped. He leaned over and kissed her. His cold lips pressed hard against hers, creating a fire in her core. Her inner muscles squeezed his shaft and he growled in appreciation. He inched a little further in.
Jenny cried, “More of you…”
His white smile glowed in the moonlight. “More? You are at my mercy, my love.” He pulled out and rested his shaft against her swollen lips.
“No! Please…” she whimpered.
He chuckled and reentered her, his shaft already cold from the momentary exposure to the air. “You are too hot for me to resist.” He thrust hard and Jenny arched her back in response, wanting his full length. He placed his hands on either side of her and began sliding in and out rhythmically in a slow controlled manner, his cock igniting the fire even further.
Her nipples ached in tight constriction while her loins coated her lover in her dripping adoration. She looked up at Dan, the moon a halo around his face. “I love you, fiancĂ©.”
He groaned and possessed her then. Dan enclosed her delicate wrists with his strong hands as his lips commanded her mouth and his cock released its passion. She moaned, rejoicing in the repeated thrusts of his masculine ownership. He knew her body, knew how to make her combust in unquenchable lust.
“Baby…” he breathed just before his body tensed and his eyes closed in rapture. Jenny concentrated all of her focus on his shaft as it shuddered, cherishing his orgasm. She lay there panting afterwards, content with the weight of his body pressing down on her.
Jenny assumed their session was over but Dan slowly stroked her with his spent shaft, rubbing that area he knew so well. She felt the tension rise and the fire ignite into a growing inferno. There was no stopping the surge that crashed over her and stole her breath away. Her body milked his cock with its rhythmic tightening. The fact he was no longer hard made her orgasm that much more intense as she felt the fullness of each contraction. This time she was the one shuddering afterwards.
“Baby, baby,” he whispered in her ear.
She wrapped her legs around him. “I love you, Dan. You’ll never know how much.”
They lay in the freezing mountain air, lost in the afterglow. They were a couple now, exclusive lovers. It was an incredible feeling, incredible except for the harsh chill creeping into her bones…
“Dan,” she said, struggling underneath.
He smiled down at her, not moving. “Yes?”
“I’m getting cold.”
“Are you, my love?”
She struggled harder and was met by his chuckles as he pressed her against the hood with his body weight. She growled playfully, certain she could topple him off the car. She twisted and squirmed, but when that didn’t work she tried to tickle him. He easily captured her arms and held them back down. She was utterly defenseless. “Dan!”
His laughter filled the forest. “What, my little kumquat?”
“Get off me,” she commanded.
“But I like having you at my mercy,” he purred into her ear.
She struggled unsuccessfully and was about to complain again when his lips met hers, taking all resistance away. She became acutely aware that his cock had recovered and was pressing against her thigh. “Oh…”
“See what you do?” He slipped back into her seamlessly and began pumping her a second time. Having just come, her body was immediately responsive and throbbed in time with his thrusts.
Dan pulled himself up. “Your breasts are so big and luscious, woman.” He cupped them in each hand and then braced himself against them as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in forcefully.
Jenny stretched her arm up, touching the windshield with her fingertips. She looked up at the few stars bright enough to compete with the moon as he took her again. The feeling of being held down by his large hands pressing against her breasts added a raw element she hadn’t experienced before. She thrilled at the feeling of possession. I am Dan’s.
His thrusts were more pronounced this second time—deeper, demanding and hard. “You… feel… so… good,” he panted in time with each stroke.

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