Sunday, December 23, 2012

On the Twenty-Third Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A story full of hope and great sex!

What girl hasn't daydreamed of experiencing decidedly different lovers? My five: The construction worker, the executive, the virgin, the biker, and the kink. Even though the story initially seems like I am taking you down a road you may not want to travel... trust me. It's a great ending with hot sex all the way through.

Excerpt from Play With Me at Noon:
(Novelette is .99 on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Smashwords.)

Now why don’t you bend over and grab your ankles?”
Tina did as he asked, keeping her legs straight, displaying all her feminine “charms”. She felt his hand shamelessly caress her pussy through the thin material of her panties. She instantly became wet from his attention. “Aw…you like me enjoying your body, don’t you? I wonder if you will like this.” She felt his fingers move the material aside and then his tongue licked the length of her pussy as she stood there with her head between her ankles. She moaned softly, wanting him to taste more of her.
He pulled her thong down to her knees. Instead of licking her, he pressed his finger against her wet inner lips. She held her breath as he slowly penetrated her with his finger. “I’m imagining this is my cock,” he told her. “You’re so wet and yet tight. It is going to be a real pleasure to fuck you.”
A gush of wetness covered his finger. He bent over and lapped it up. “You’re husband doesn’t know what he is missing.” He sucked on her sensitive nodule and then started flicking it with his tongue. She moaned loudly as her legs began to buckle.
“We may need to move you over to the bed,” he said smoothly. He instructed her to stand up and remove her lacy bra and thong, leaving on her red heels. “I want to fuck you in those sexy heels.”
Tina did as he asked and lay down naked on the bed. She watched him undress for her. He undid his tie first, draping it over her stomach. “We’ll need this.” Then he unbuttoned his shirt and pants, letting them hang open exposing his perfect body underneath. He slid his hand down her leg, tickling the crease near her ass and making her squeal.
“I hope to hear a lot more noise from you.” He slid off his shirt and then pulled down his pants and briefs. A perfect specimen of a man stood before her, his cock stiff and ready to pillage her recesses. “Do you know what I plan to do with that tie?”
She shook her head, smiling up at him.
“Let me show you.” He knelt on the bed and took her wrists, binding them together with his silk tie. “Put your hands above you head.” When she did, he smiled appreciatively. “You’ve never looked sexier.” He lay next to her and lightly fingered her nipple. His featherlike touches were driving her wild. “Just think, I’m about to steal your husband’s prize.” He bent over and gently sucked on her other nipple. “Right now, he’s probably eating at some restaurant, flirting with a waitress having no idea that someone is about to fuck his beautiful wife.”
“I don’t think he’d care.”
He scoffed, “Why would you think that?”
“I’m invisible to him, I have been for years. If you’re not work related, you don’t exist in his world.”
He nibbled on her ear. “Well, you’re not invisible to me.” His hand traced the outline of her torso and moved between her legs. “I cannot ignore a woman as wet and willing as you. It’s not even a choice for this poor bastard. I simply MUST fuck you.”
He lifted himself over Tina, forcing her legs to spread for him. His dick landed on her mound, red hot from the blood flowing through it. He ground his hardness between her swollen outer lips, rubbing her clit with his length. Then he pressed the head of his shaft against her opening. “Now, once I push in there’s no turning back. Are you sure you want this?”
She paused for a second. It felt more sinful fucking somebody her husband knew, but she couldn’t stop herself. She wanted this man to open her up with his large cock. “Yes.”
He pushed in ever so slowly. “I love that I’m entering another man’s territory,” he growled lustfully. Once his entire shaft penetrated her, he began stroking her gently from the inside, flexing his buttocks at the end of each thrust to add a whole new level of stimulation. Just like his kissing, he played her body expertly.
Tina cried out in total satisfaction, never having a cock love her so perfectly before. Every inch of her received his amorous attention. “You’re really good at this.”
“I’ve had a lot of practice,” he chuckled, giving her an extra little push with his last stroke. She moaned in appreciation. “Now for some added fun,” he told her, pushing her legs straight up into the air and bringing them together. It cut off her view of him, but he exclaimed from behind her legs, “Oh, I wish you could see what I’m seeing. You’re sweet little pussy is caressing my dick beautifully. I love that you shaved it so nothing is hidden.” He groaned several times as he watched her willing body taking him in again and again.
When he grew tired of that, he kissed each of her red heels and then pushed her legs forward. It gave him much deeper penetration. She gasped the first time he pushed his cock in all the way. She brought her bound wrists down to stop him. “Too much.”
“No, baby, you just need to relax a little. Give it a minute.” He pushed her hands back over her head and continued to take her that way, thrusting a little more with each stroke. “You’re so damn tight. You’re pussy is a man’s paradise.”


  1. I think this is only 1 of 2 books of yours I have not read, must go get it now. fyi - it is still 99 cents on amazon, didn't check the others.

    1. BioMom,

      I sincerely hope you enjoy it. I made a mistake, the book is .99 but I copied and pasted from the last post which was a Free book. Thank you for pointing it out. I sincerely apologize!