Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On the Nineteenth Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A journey of one couple into a Ménage à Trois...

Fans enjoyed Dan in the first Blissful story and wanted to know what happened after the cabin door opened. I decided to take Jenny, Ryan, and Dan in a different direction. One I had experienced in my own past.

Excerpt from Blissfully in Love: 
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Jenny could feel his tension and was reminded again of their first date together. What could have him so spooked? Now her curiosity was royally piqued!
When they reached the room, he took her hand and squeezed it tightly. His palm was clammy. Jenny looked into his eyes, trying to figure him out. “Whatever it is, Rye, I’m sure I will like it. You don’t have to be so worried.”
Ryan’s cheeks flushed before he kissed her. “I’m suddenly afraid you might like it too much.”
The suspense was killing her. “There is only one way to find out,” she said with a wink. Ryan slipped the card in and opened the door for her. Jenny walked through the doorway and froze.
“Hi, Jenny.” Dan stood in front of her with a crooked little grin.
She couldn’t move even though her body longed to rush into Dan’s arms. Jenny looked at Ryan apprehensively. “What’s going on?”
Nervous laughter filled the room. “I… Well, we both love you. I have been talking to Dan all week. I think I’ve figured out a way for all of us to be happy.”
She stared at him in astonishment.
Dan spoke up. “We both want to please you tonight.”
She didn’t realize she’d stopped breathing until her lungs complained. Jenny gasped for air, afraid she might faint.
Ryan put his arm around her. “Are you okay, Jen? I thought you would be happy.”
Jenny looked at him and then back to Dan. This is too much!
“I think she’s in shock, Ryan. Give her a few minutes.” Dan walked over to the desk and picked up two glasses. “I mixed some drinks for us.” He came over and handed her one. When Jenny grabbed the stem of the glass, Dan brushed his hand over hers. Her whole body tingled from the simple contact.
Dan gave the other glass to Ryan and then retrieved the last one for himself. He took a sip and smiled. “A damn good martini, if I say so myself.”
Jenny took a taste. It didn’t live up to hers. “It’ll do.”
Dan snorted. “Perfectionist.”
Ryan took his own sip. “Jenny makes a better drink.”
“Et tu, Brute?” Dan complained.
Jenny relaxed hearing the familiar banter. They had been best friends for over three years. Being together again felt good. She took another long sip and then smiled at Ryan. “Thank you.”
“You’re okay with this then?”
She smiled shyly. “What girl wouldn’t want two gorgeous men?”
Ryan cupped her chin. “I was hoping to see that smile again. I told you I loved you more than you knew.”
“I never appreciated how much.” Jenny kissed him, giggling nervously.
Dan moved closer to her and put his hand on the small of her back. She could barely breathe when she felt the warmth of his touch. “That makes two of us who love you.” He leaned down and kissed her on the lips right in front of Ryan. Her knees gave under her. Luckily, Dan had his arm around her before she collapsed and she only spilled a little of her drink.
This isn’t real…
“So, I want to lay down some ground rules first,” Ryan announced. “Jenny’s pussy is all mine. No different than when you guys were alone together.” Jenny was surprised, but wasn’t about to complain. Dan nodded his head, as if the two had already discussed it. “Also, there’s no male-to-male touching.”
Dan frowned. “Like I would want to touch any part of you.”
“I just needed to make that perfectly clear.” Ryan added with a grin, “I’ve seen the way you look at me.”
Dan snorted. “In your dreams.”
Jenny’s heart rate increased as she observed the two men ribbing each other. She was about to have sex with both of them at the same time: the two men she loved most in the world. It felt so decadent, so wrong—but oh so exciting.
Ryan started unbuttoning his shirt and tossed it to the ground. When he went to unbuckle his belt, Dan protested. “What are you doing, man?”
Ryan looked at Dan questioningly. “What?”
“Where’s the romance in just throwing clothes off?”
Ryan crinkled his brow. “We’re having sex, not a fashion show.”
“May I?” Dan asked, glancing towards Jenny. When Ryan nodded his acquiescence, he walked over to her and lifted her chin. He kissed her passionately as he unbuttoned her blouse.
Jenny’s heart beat a mile a minute as he pulled the material away and let it fall to the floor. “Beautiful and amusing,” he murmured, kissing her left shoulder while he reached around and undid her smiley face bra. It was the next thing to go. Jenny burned with embarrassment. This was the second time he’d caught her wearing the comfortable but ancient bra.
Ryan returned to her side. “I’ll do the rest.”
Dan moved to her left to give Ryan room. While he unbuttoned her jeans, Dan cupped her breast and bent down to lick her nipple. Jenny felt a gush of wetness soak her panties. The attention of both men was almost too intense.

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