Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

Amy's First Time with aaaaa Foursome...

I wanted to explore what it would be like for Amy to have an encounter with a woman for the first time. But within the boundaries of a couple/couple foursome which includes her "boy toys". 

Excerpt from the short story The Quartet: 
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Amy peeled off her thong and spread her legs for him. She moaned when his warm tongue began flicking against her sensitive nodule. Oh, he’s damn good. “Troy, you really know how to eat a woman,” she purred.
Once again, Greg followed Troy’s lead. After shedding his clothes, he spread Sheila’s legs wide so that he could lick her folds. Amy had the perfect vantage point to see him in action. Greg stroked her slit with his fingers before licking the length of her with his long tongue. The expression on his face and his hardening cock convinced her that Greg thoroughly enjoyed his job.
Amy groaned and automatically arched her back when Troy started stimulating her clit with his fingers. She closed her eyes, focusing solely on him. Her body yearned to feel the penetration. Troy fulfilled her unspoken desire by inserting two fingers deep inside her. She pressed against his hand, delighting in his infiltration. “Oh, how I’ve missed your eager body,” Troy said. He went back to licking her clit while stroking her with his fingers.
She heard Sheila gasp beside her. Her own nipples hardened in response to the noise. She never thought she would react to another woman’s cries of passion. It was disconcerting.
All of her focus returned back to Troy when he found her G-spot. Amy’s heart rate increased triple fold and the fire started to build between her legs. Troy increased the intensity by moving up to suck on her breasts. He flicked his tongue against her hard nipple, sending ripples of electricity straight to her groin. She was surprised to feel a strong contraction deep within her, indicating an orgasm was imminent. “I’m coming, Troy,” she whispered just before the wave crested over. The climax was quick and short. Her body had been so greedy for it that there was no build up to heighten the sensation.
“Wow, that was fast,” Sheila commented.
Amy suddenly felt ashamed and turned away, but Troy changed her mindset instantly when he whispered, “I’ve been waiting a year to make you come again. You are too damn sexy, Amy.”
He darted his tongue into her mouth. “Everything about you tastes good,” he growled passionately. He buried his head into her neck and Amy found herself unintentionally watching Greg thrust his finger into Sheila. She observed the way Sheila’s inner lips encased his fingers as he thrust into her pussy. The only thing missing was glistening wetness. Despite Greg’s attention, Sheila didn’t seem fully into it. Maybe all this was too weird for her.
When Troy returned to her lips, Amy reached down and took his shaft in her hand stroking him gently. “Now it’s my turn to please you.”
Troy sighed before answering. “I am not sure how long I can last, but I’ve missed those sexy lips.” He moved up so that his cock was in line with her mouth. When her lips touched the smooth head of his shaft, he grunted. “Oh yes, that’s what I’ve been missing.”
She licked his penis and lightly nibbled the edges of his head before taking him fully into her mouth. As soon as she started sucking, Troy groaned. “Crap. A year away from you is too long.” She looked up at him with his cock still in her mouth and giggled. “Amy, your giggling is going to make me come if you are not careful.”
Amy immediately froze as a timid finger touched her clit. Without looking, she knew it was Sheila. She closed her eyes. Should I push Sheila’s hand away or get up and leave?

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