Thursday, December 6, 2012

On the Sixth Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A Burning Stick of The Flame...

Now that Brad has Amy convinced to be his willing sex slave, I decided to dive a little deeper. Would Amy choose this lifestyle or reject it? Brad loves her, and she certainly has feelings for him... Contains a paddling scene that still gets me juicy!

Excerpt from the short story The Flame: 
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Brad played with her long red hair murmuring, “My beautiful Feral.” He grasped the back of her neck and kissed her deeply. The look he gave her at the end of the kiss was ripe with tenderness. Brad escorted her to The Room and asked her to strip down while he retrieved something from the kitchen. Amy stood in the secret room naked and alone. She looked at the wall of sex toys and wondered what tonight’s entertainment would be.
Brad returned with a single chair and placed it next to her. “I need you to get the paddle off the wall.” Amy’s insides churned. Was he going to punish her for what happened earlier with Troy? She took it down slowly, her hand trembling as she walked back to him.
When she returned to his side, Brad was already wearing his leather mask and had other items laid out for her on a small table next to the chair. She handed the paddle over saying softly, “Don’t hurt me, Master.”
Brad’s green eyes stared at her from behind the dark mask. “I will do what I want, Feral.” She was relieved when he smiled and added, “But I promise you will like it.” He cared about her; she knew that. Besides, Amy could always say the safety phrase if Brad went past her comfort level.
“Present your breasts to me.”
Amy moved closer to him and stuck out her chest. He took the nipple clamps and strung a round bead onto the chain. Brad held it up to her. “This gives weight. It will swing when you move.”
He proceeded to play with her left nipple until it was erect. Then he applied the clamp and adjusted it until she gasped. The initial feeling was not pleasant, but she knew that soon the sensation would feel like someone sucking on her nipple. It was something she enjoyed immensely. She watched as Brad pinched her right nipple, readying it for the clamp. Amy swallowed hard when the second one was applied. Although the weight on the chain was light, she could definitely feel the difference. It took longer for the numbness to take hold but once it did, she felt the juices between her legs start flowing.
Brad sat down on the chair and patted his lap. “Lie down on my knees.”
Amy did as he asked, noticing her movement caused the chain to swing. It made her very aware of her nipples. When she lay over his legs, the weight on the chain pulled down on them. The pressure felt just like a man sucking hard on both nipples at the same time. It was delightfully erotic.
Brad rubbed her ass gently. “Have you ever been spanked for pleasure, Feral?”
“No, Master.”
He slapped her ass cheeks with his bare hand and she yelped. The chain swung back and forth, giving her breasts extra stimulation. She didn’t care for his hand, but the nipple clamps were oh so exciting.
“Do you like that?”
“No, Master.”
“Maybe this will be more pleasing to you.” Amy saw him pick up the paddle from the table. “Spread you legs a little.” Amy did so reluctantly. “When I find the right angle this will feel pleasurable.”
He swung the paddle down and a loud smack echoed in the room. The impact took her breath away. The chain swung from the motion. Her ass stung, but she did not find it enjoyable. Brad swung again at a slightly different angle and the impact caused a tingling burst of fire deep inside her. Amy moaned. The feeling quickly dissipated, but it left her buttocks feeling pleasantly warm.
“Better?” She nodded her head, curious if he could make it happen again. The third impact sent a thousand little bursts throughout her groin area and she cried out in pleasure.
“More,” she begged.


  1. That's a hot scene!! It puts everything on fire!!
    Feral was not the only one saying.. "More..".


  2. I do love reading this one, even after all this time. Thanks for the comment, Marla!