Thursday, December 13, 2012

On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A Romantically Sweet Seduction...

Troy has returned for Amy, but he only has a few days to win her back. He pulls out all the stops to impress and delight her. I wrote this for all the people who love romance with their sex.

Excerpt from the short story Lover Mine: 
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“I didn’t realize you were an art buff, Aims.”
Her laughter was sweet. “I’m not. I just have a few I really like. What’s your favorite painting?”
Troy stopped in front of a huge canvas. It was completely white except for a red splotch in the lower right corner. “This is more my speed.”
“Hmm…what does it say to you?”
“Yeah, oops I was just getting ready to paint my masterpiece and tripped, pouring this stupid red paint on it.”
Amy grinned. “I can see you are quite the art aficionado.”
“Yes, people all over the world eagerly await my opinion. You may not know this, but I have ruined many an artist’s career with just one bad review.”
She squeezed his hand. “You’re right, I never understood what an important man you are.”
Troy leaned down and kissed her in front of the red splotch painting. He knew it would become his favorite piece of art after this.
The two walked around the museum, trying to outdo each other in their attempts to sound knowledgeable as they discussed the different pieces. Every now and then, Troy lightly touched her breasts, bending over to look closely at a sculpture or gave a quick caress of her shapely ass as he moved up behind her. He couldn’t help it; she was just that intoxicating.
Amy didn’t seem to mind. In fact, several times she leaned into his body, pressing those lovely nipples against his skin. The two of them were shameless in the way they teased each other. Troy noticed one of the guards grinning at them. Oh yeah, buddy. You wish you were me.
After the art museum, Troy drove Amy to one of the tallest high-rises in the city. He took her all the way to the top. “This restaurant is supposed to have the best view of downtown,” he informed her on the long elevator ride up.
Amy appeared nauseous. “I hate heights,” she whispered.
He caressed her cheek, chuckling softly. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. You have a thick window pane protecting you.”
“Still…” she sighed.
When the elevator doors opened, she hesitated. Troy guided her in with his hand on the small of her back. The restaurant was impressive with its circular shape and scenic windows. When the host asked where they would like to sit, Troy automatically asked for a table near a window. When Amy squeezed his hand painfully, he quickly changed his answer. “Actually, let’s have a table at the center. He led them to a small table smack in the middle of the large restaurant.
Troy complained jokingly as they sat down, “What’s the point of eating at the top of the world if you can’t see it?” He noticed she was staring intently at her menu. She looked a little green. “Hey Aims, are you okay? Really, we don’t have to eat here. I didn’t know you were so scared of heights.”
She looked up at him, her eyes dilated with fear. “It’s okay.”
Troy put his menu down. “No, Amy. This is supposed to be a romantic meal. If you are scared to death it kind of defeats the purpose.”
“Let’s walk over to the edge. Maybe if I see it, it won’t be so bad.”
“Are you sure?”
Amy stuck her chin up bravely. “Yes.”
Troy took her trembling hand and walked her over to the nearest window. He could feel her pull back the closer they got. “You okay?”
Troy put his arms around her. “I got ya. It really is a beautiful view, Aims.”
She made tiny steps up to the window and then finally took a peek. “Wow.”
“Yeah, pretty amazing isn’t it.”
“Everything seems different from up here.” She pointed, “Look, there’s the museum.”
“And right over there is my hotel.” Troy pointed to the Grand Hotel a few blocks down.
“Wow, you’re staying at a swanky place, lover.”
“Want to see it after dinner?”
Amy gave him a knowing smile. “What? You want to show me your bed that vibrates for a quarter?”
“Costs five bucks at this place, but the vibration lasts for hours,” he answered.

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