Saturday, December 29, 2012

On the Fourth Day After Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

Tied up time with Tono...

I love the sensation of being bound, and Kinbaku adds the element of art to the mix. What a lovely combination! On auction day, Tono finally gets to demonstrate his craft. It is a delicious encounter that brings the two closer both physically and emotionally.
Excerpt from Brie Embraces Bondage:  
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 He led her to the couch and asked her to bend over the overstuffed arm. She heard the swish of silk and then felt his hard cock press against her moist entrance. “You will find that being taken while bound like this feels completely different.”
Brie moaned as he slowly pushed into her. He was right; it was strangely exhilarating. She couldn’t adjust or scream because the rope’s tight constriction didn’t allow for it. She could only lie there and enjoy his manly onslaught.
She felt delightfully helpless. Tears ran down her face from the sheer joy of her powerlessness. “I love it, Tono,” she breathed softly.
“I know, toriko. You and I are in harmony.” His cock stroked her leisurely at first and then he slowly built up to a burst of energy, letting out a flood of lust that left her breathless. She rode the wave of his lovemaking, thoroughly mesmerized. He groaned as he came, his hot seed bursting deep inside her. Then he stopped, his cock still hard. Just like the time before, her body began to tense around him and pleasant chills took over.
“Yes, my slave…”
She whimpered when her clit began to pulsate and then her inner muscles started their rhythmic dance around his cock as she climaxed. He kissed the nape of her neck, growling softly until her orgasm spent itself.
He caressed her ass as he pulled out, and then cleaned her again. Tono picked up the camera. “Look into the lens, little one. I want to capture that fresh-come look.”
She smiled at the camera with no need to pose. She was satiated and it radiated from her naturally.
“So beautiful, toriko,” he said repeatedly as he continued to shoot.
He put the camera down and grabbed another piece of rope. “Now, I will heighten your arousal.”
He told her to lean back. The way in which he had tied her arms allowed them to support her now. He took hold of her ankle and bent her leg so that her ankle rested against the inner thigh of the same leg. He bound them together and then spread her leg out, securing it to the other rope with another set of decorative knots. When he stepped away to get his camera, Brie couldn’t help herself. She tried to struggle against the constriction, but the jute held her tightly in its grip. A gush of wetness ran down the crease of her ass. She loved being at the mercy of the rope. Brie threw her head back and moaned in satisfaction.
“Don’t move. That’s lovely.” She lay perfectly still as he preserved her state of bliss on film. She thought he was going to start on the other leg and squealed when she felt him lick her sex.
“Oh, too much, too much!” Brie’s clit was extra sensitive in the wake of his pounding. She didn’t think her poor body could handle being eaten.
His chuckle was low and vibrated on her clit. “That is the beauty of the rope, little one. I am in control. I say when it is enough.” His tongue swirled around her clit and outer folds, tasting her juices. When he began sucking, it sent a shockwave through her. She tried to pull away, but all he had to do was hold down her untied leg and he was free to continue. She whimpered and begged him to stop as the feeling grew stronger. It didn’t feel like a normal orgasm approaching, and it unnerved her.
“Please, Tono. Stop,” she whimpered.
He ignored her pleas. Whatever it was, it was coming over her and she was powerless to prevent it. When it hit, time stopped for Brie. An ice-cold wave gripped her body and held her in its grasp. Her pussy contracted in response and refused to stop.
           She made little mewing sounds, unable to speak—to think.  

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