Monday, December 17, 2012

On the Seventeenth Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

The Phantom of the Opera...

I hadn't planned to write a sequel for In 9 Days, but so many fans needed to know what happened to Luke and Tesse. I chose to take them a few years into the future. Tesse has recently decided to move on with another man, Jerrod, after years of waiting for Luke to return. Naturally, that's when her scarred lover shows back up.

Excerpt from 9 Days and Counting: 
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 She kissed him again. It started out innocent, but the longer they kissed the more passionate it became. She felt Jerrod pause in indecision and then his tongue darted into her mouth, grazing against her teeth. Her body hummed in sexual excitement even though she wanted to resist it.

“I know you don’t care to hear this, Tesse, but I want to make love to you.” He nestled his head in her neck. “I want to touch you - to please you with my hands, my mouth, and my cock. To help you forget everything, if only for a while.”
Tesse moaned softly, her body hungering for his attention. “I want to, but I can’t.”
“Why not? What is stopping you from loving me, Tess?”
“I don’t know.”
“Then let me love you,” he growled into her ear.
She lay there in indecision, staring at the ceiling. Finally, she unbuttoned the top of her blouse and looked at him. Jerrod returned her gaze with unwavering love. She undid the second button and then leaned forward to kiss him.
The kiss he gave was fiery and demanding. His fingers fumbled at her buttons and she knew then there was no turning back. She gave into the passion he weaved, moaning Jerrod’s name.
He repeated several times, “I love you, Tess. I love you so much,” as he pulled away her blouse and quickly undid her bra. Before she knew it, her pants were undone and he was pulling them off as well. She lay on the bed looking up at him in only her panties.
“Do you know how beautiful you are? How many men would kill to have you?” Jerrod slid his body up against hers, kissing her neck and then moving down to her breasts. His tongue licked and teased her nipples, eagerly moving from one to the other.
She shook her head on the pillow, wanting to say no but yearning for him to claim her. She cried out in desperation, “I need you.” Tesse buried her head in the pillow after the declaration.
Jerrod jumped off the bed and quickly undressed. He called her name, waiting for her to look at him. Tess peeked up from the pillow and inhaled. Jerrod’s body was as handsome as his face. It was muscular and well defined. His shaft was long and thick, the head of it darker than the rest of his shaft.
“Tesse, I want you to touch me,” he groaned.
She held out her hand and grasped his cock when he moved closer. He threw his head back and groaned at the contact. The power she had over him was heady. She stroked his manhood and felt it grow harder in her hand. She noticed tears in his eyes when he lay down beside her.
“I have waited so long for you to love me, Tess.” She kissed him on the lips before moving down to his groin. She stared at his shaft for several seconds, remembering another time with someone else… Tesse wondered what it would be like to make love to another man. The thought both excited and scared her. She licked the end of his cock and felt it swell. “Tesse,” he hissed passionately, “I need you to suck me.”
She wrapped her lips around the large head of his shaft. The taste of his precome was slightly bitter and warm. Tesse closed her eyes, trying to forget everything and just focus on the man himself. She began stroking him with the added the suction of her mouth. His passionate groans made her quake inside.
Jerrod’s hands ran over her skin in worship of her. She could feel his love in every caress. It moved her and she responded by loving him back with her mouth. She moved up and down his cock, wanting to bring him even more pleasure. He stopped her with his hands. “Baby, please stop.” He physically pulled her up so that she was lying on top of him, his hardness pressing against her stomach.
“I’m ready to make love to you, Tesse,” he said, nuzzling her neck.
A cold chill traveled down her spine.
He could sense the change in her. “What’s wrong?”
She swallowed hard. “I don’t know.”
Jerrod rolled on top of her. “Let me in, Babe,” he said, rubbing his cock against her thigh. He bent down to kiss Tesse, but she couldn’t return it. Something had changed and she started to withdraw from him. “I need this, Tesse,” he whispered huskily. “We need this.” Jerrod kissed her again; desperate to bring back the passion they had just shared.

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