Sunday, December 9, 2012

On the Ninth Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A Randy Time with her British Lover...

I have always had a thing for British accents! ;) In this story Jeremey the Brit comes to sweep Amy the Yank off her feet for a couple of days. This short story is full of whit and wickedness as the humorous Brit introduces Amy to the thrill of exhibitionism.

Excerpt from the short story British Lover: 
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Amy wrapped her arms around her chest. “These are not knockers, Brit. These are breasts.”
Jeremy winked, “I apologize, love. Certainly didn’t mean to offend.” Amy put her arms back down and let him finish unbuttoning her blouse. She sat up so he could help her out of her bra and when she lay back on the desk, he whistled long and loud. 
“Those are brilliant breasts, indeed.” He swooped down and began licking one while caressing the other. She arched her back, enjoying the expert way he flicked them with his tongue, sending electrical jolts straight to her pussy.
He scooted her ass to the edge of the desk and stood before her with his uncircumcised shaft. “Do you realize I will be the first man to fully enjoy your fanny? The other men you’ve been with had their sensitive part chopped off. But me, I am going to enjoy your body the way God intended.”
Amy looked at his cock again and felt a tingling sensation in her groin at the thought of having his unusual piece of manhood fuck her. He took hold of his dick and rubbed it against her clit. Amy watched in fascination as he pushed it, foreskin and all, into her moist opening. She lay back and closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his John Thomas sliding in and out of her.
She was suddenly hit with a prickling feeling and immediately looked out the window. She was shocked to see a man watching them from the bus stop directly across the street and froze. “Jeremy, somebody is out there!”
He smiled calmly, “I know, love. He’s been watching for a while.”
“How long?”
Jeremy leisurely pushed Amy’s arms back above her head and kissed her. “Keep your arms back so he can see the delightful way your breasts bounce when I bang you.” Jeremy grabbed onto her waist and starting thrusting with more conviction. Amy’s breasts bounced with each thrust, making him smile. “Absolutely brilliant.”
She snuck a peek and saw that the “man” was wearing oversized pants and a backward cap. He leaned against the pole of the bus sign, watching them intently. She arched her back to create a different feel, figuring it would also look good to their observer. Jeremy ran his hand slowly down from her chest to her stomach with a look of admiration on his face. “You are fine looking, Yank. A real piece of art.”
He took hold of one of her legs and pushed it upwards, giving more depth to his thrusts. “I love those posh knoc… breasts.” Amy smiled; his accent was still a turn-on.
“Would you like to try a different position?” she asked, wanting to take him doggie style.
“Whatever pleases you, love.” He pulled out and Amy got off the desk and turned around, looking back at him demurely. 
“Blimey, that’s a sweet bum, Yank.” He pushed his cock back into her pussy and caressed her ass with relish. “That poor bloke is wishing he were me right now. Just think of the stories he will be telling his mates tonight.” Jeremy pulled back her hair with one hand while holding onto her waist with the other. He started long thrusts that she knew would lead to his climax. Amy moaned in pleasure. She felt so sexy; so powerful in that moment.

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