Sunday, December 30, 2012

On the Fifth Day After Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A dinner date with Marquis Gray...

If you haven't already guessed, I have a personal 'thing' for Marquis. I thoroughly enjoyed writing his scene knowing exactly what was going through his head when he orchestrated the restaurant scene. This novelette also contains Brie's first session with Master Anderson and her encounter with Captain. Love this one!

Excerpt from Brie on Display:  
(Novelette is .99 on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Smashwords. For the complete 9-part series in one novel, click here.)

“Which is it, pearl? Are you my submissive or not?”
She closed her eyes. This was so much bigger than a simple sexual request, and she felt chills of indecision consume her. It was a defining moment for Brie, and she knew it—one of those forks in the road where, once the decision was made, there would be no turning back.
Brie finally opened her eyes and looked around the dining room. People were engrossed in conversations or staring at menus. Being in the corner, she and Marquis Gray were not that noticeable. Of course, there were the random people walking to and fro, but she would just have to take a chance with them. With a casualness she did not feel, she dropped her napkin and bent down to pick it up. In the process, she lifted the linen tablecloth as if it were an ordinary thing to do, and ducked under the table.
Once she found herself hidden from view under the table, Brie felt the thrill of her assignment. She crawled between Marquis’ legs and slowly unzipped his slacks. The simple action was made difficult due to the bulge in his pants, but feeling the rigidity of his shaft made her even wetter. This scenario was equally exciting for them both.
She freed his cock from his briefs and was just about to place the head of his shaft into her mouth when she heard the waiter return. “Are you ready to order, sir, or would you like me to wait for the young lady?”
Marquis Gray guided her mouth onto his cock with his hand at the back of her head. “I will order for both of us…”
Brie swirled her tongue around the ridge of his member before taking him deeper. Even in the shadows under the table, she could see his uniquely curved shaft. It excited her and she sucked even harder.
She was rewarded with the sound of his grunt. He adjusted the vibrator to a much faster rate and she moaned softly around his dick. When he had finished with the order and the waiter was presumably out of earshot, she heard his reminder from above: “No coming, pearl.”
She opened her throat to him and took his entire shaft then. The curve of his manhood forced her to take him at a different angle, but she was still able to press her red lips against his dark pubic hair. He stiffened as she made her subtle thrusting movements while taking his cock deep in her throat. The waiter returned and asked if he would like pepper on their salads.
Brie wasn’t sure how Marquis managed it, but he answered in a normal tone, “No pepper for either of us, thank you.” When the man moved away, Marquis fisted her long hair and guided her. She gave in to his rhythm and pace as he leisurely face-fucked her under the table.
Brie couldn’t believe that she was in the middle of a famous restaurant, deep-throating her trainer while a vibrator buzzed between her legs. It was surreal and erotic. She was almost disappointed when he came. His essence slid down her throat and she licked up any remaining traces before zipping up his pants and wiping her mouth with the napkin she’d dropped. She remained between his legs while he eased the vibrator back down to the lowest setting. Brie waited until she heard the command, “You can join me now.”
Brie lifted the white cloth and as nonchalantly as she could, sat back down on the chair, placing her hand on his upper thigh. She sneaked a glance in Mr. Holloway’s direction and was grateful to see he was still engaged with his girls.
Marquis turned off the vibrator and looked at her knowingly. “That was not an easy command for you to follow. Do you regret it?”
Her eyes did not waver when she answered, “No, Mister Gray. I enjoyed it.”
He nodded and ordered, “Eat your salad.”
After dinner, they made their way back to the bus stop. The streets were still packed with people enjoying the LA nightlife. Brie noticed a sweet couple walking hand in hand. As they passed by, the girl smiled at her and the guy winked.
Marquis abruptly stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and grasped the back of her neck, kissing her deeply as he turned the vibrator on full blast. Her knees gave out, but he held her in his arms and thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. Not coming at that moment was extremely difficult—pure torture, to be exact.

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  1. I absolutely have a "thing" for Marquis Gray! He is one of the hottest characters I have read. I have to agree with Brie when she thinks Celestial is one lucky sub!