Monday, December 10, 2012

On the Tenth Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

One of My Favorite Fantasies...

I always thought it would be fun to have a hotel like this. To have an encounter with a mysterious stranger with no strings attached thrills me. Naturally, I had to add a twist for Amy, because that's what I do. Enjoy one of my ultimate daydreams.

Excerpt from the short story Secret Admirer: 
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She put the blindfold over her eyes. The fit was tight but comfortable. She would not be able to peek without taking it off. Amy lay on the luxurious bed completely naked, waiting for her partner to come. Her heartbeat echoed in her head while she waited. The anticipation was thrilling – not knowing who would come through the door or what he would do with her. She wondered how the night would unfold. Would he be shy and uncertain, sexually aggressive, or sweet and romantic?
All of Amy's senses went on red alert the instant she heard the key in the lock. It opened slowly. Her breath increased. Then the door closed shut and there was the click as the lock slid into place. He’s here.
Her nipples hardened and she felt her groin contract in response to his presence. She tried to control her breathing as his light footsteps moved across the carpeted floor. The smell of a lime-like aftershave preceded him.
“Oh, you are stunning.” The man’s voice was low and intoxicating.
She heard the sounds of material shifting and assumed he was taking off his shirt. Then the distinct sound of a belt unbuckling and the unzipping of pants. It was followed by the crash of a belt hitting the floor, letting her know he was no longer clothed. This guy isn’t wasting any time.
Amy’s heart pounded when she felt his weight on the bed. Then his hand touched her right foot and slowly made its way up her leg. “Is this your first time here?” he asked.
“Good.” His fingers continued up her leg, slowly passing by her mound and over her breasts until they made their way to her lips. He lightly grazed her bottom lip with one finger. He paused for a second and then said, “I can’t believe my luck.” Her anonymous lover’s hand lightly caressed her shoulder and traveled down her arm. Her senses were heightened, making his touch like fire on her sensitive skin. He made concentric circles around her right breast, finally landing on her nipple. He pinched and pulled on it, making her gasp in pleasure. Then he performed the same maneuver on the other breast. After being so quick to undress, her partner was leisurely in the way he played with her body. He seemed in no hurry to take her and she was grateful. She enjoyed the buildup he was creating.
“Do you like your nipples sucked?”
“Yes,” she whispered.
She felt the bed shift as he leaned over. His warm lips encased her left nipple. She could feel the rough hair of his mustache. Her mysterious partner sucked her receptive nipple and brushed it lightly with his tongue. Amy squirmed in delight. He moved to the other one and sucked even harder. She moaned, enjoying the amount of suction he was giving to it.
However, he didn’t stay there long. Instead, her lover moved his kisses to her bellybutton and swirled his tongue playfully around it. She was getting more excited with each passing moment. He began licking and nipping his way down. 

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