Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On the Fifth Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

Tam - ing  Ferrr - aaaaaaal...

I wanted to show how an intelligent, vibrant woman could be persuaded to submit to a mastering Dominant. Amy is quite taken by the charming Brad Anderson (later known as Master Anderson in the Brie Series), but she is thrown for a loop when he asks her to become his willing sex slave.

Excerpt from the short story Taming Feral: 
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Amy felt weak all over. She was reluctant to submit, but why had she come tonight if she wasn’t willing to participate in this game? It’s a game, she reminded herself. She looked at him and said clearly, “Yes, Master.”
He smiled and leaned forward for a kiss, but stopped a centimeter from her mouth. “Not yet.” Amy bit her lip and smiled. Brad was definitely good at teasing her. “Would you like to please me, slave?”
Amy’s stomach churned. They had not built a level of intimacy yet. This slave/master role sidestepped that process. It left her floundering.
He watched her intently.
“What if…”
“It is a yes or no question.”
This was not an easy game for Amy, but her curiosity drove her forward. “Yes.” He did not respond until she remembered to add, “Master.”
Brad smiled at her with those piercing eyes. “Get on your knees and bow to me.”
When she had heard “Get on your knees”, she thought she knew where he was headed. Brad was making her bow instead. Amy struggled a second time. Being submissive was not her strong suit. He seemed to be gauging her reaction to his command. Brad’s gaze did not waver, although he was no longer smiling.
Fighting her own will she said, “Yes, Master,” and got down on her knees, bowing low at his feet. When she looked up Brad was smiling again. He held out his hand and helped her up. Then Brad moved in for the kiss. He hesitated a centimeter from her lips before making contact. The feel of his warm lips sent a pleasant current through her body. The anticipation turned the simple kiss into ecstasy.
He ran his fingers through her long red hair and then grasped it possessively in his hand growling softly, “You’re mine now.” The words had such a different feel given the dynamic between them. Brad traced her jaw line with his finger. “I will show you the intimacy of the Master/slave relationship, Feral.”
A tingling sensation started in her groin, making her wet. This was sexually exciting. She whispered, “Show me, Master.”
Brad kissed her lightly again. “Put your hands behind your back and do not move.”
Amy clasped her hands behind her. It thrust her breasts out and she expected he would caress them. Instead, he slowly moved her copper hair away from her neck and kissed it. The chill it caused gave her goose bumps. Amy felt his teeth graze her skin and she gasped. His kisses moved down to her collarbone, along the line of it and to the other side. As he moved, his arm lightly brushed against her nipples. It was so subtle she wasn’t sure he even knew, but it sent shivers down her spine.
Brad moved to the other side of her neck and bit down lightly. Amy struggled to stay still when her knees threatened to buckle. Then he sucked on the delicate skin, harder and harder until it brought a bite of pain. She instinctively unclasped her hands and jerked away. He stopped and looked at her. “You were told not to move, Feral.”
“But it hurt.”
Brad’s finger tenderly circled the area on her neck that had received his attention. “Pleasurable pain?” The richness of his voice and the warmth of his touch excited her.
Amy realized she’d pulled back because it was unexpected, not unpleasant. She clasped her hands behind her back and presented her neck to him again. She could feel his hot breath before his lips came down on her. She felt the sting but did not resist, instead giving in to the feeling and moaning softly. Brad pulled away, admiring the mark his lips had left on her white skin. It seemed so high school, but somehow he’d made it incredibly erotic. 
Brad leaned in close. “I can make you want me like you have never wanted any man.”

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