Saturday, December 22, 2012

On the Twenty-Second Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A story of a girl in desperate need and the man endowed to help her...

I will admit it, there have been times when life didn't seem worth the struggle anymore. In response to that feeling, I wrote an erotic story dealing with a noble man who cares enough to step in when one girl tries to end it. Turns out he has a problem of 'epic proportions' that she was meant to resolve. 

* I have kept this one free because I feel there are people who need to hear the simple message, "Hang on, don't give up. It will get better." Make fun of me if you want, but that was truly the reason I wrote the story.

Red Phoenix: reaching out to others one erotic story at a time... ;)

Excerpt from And Then He Saved Me:
(Novelette is FREE on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Smashwords.)

“I want to make love with you, Cyril.”
“We…can’t…,” he said between kisses.
“Don’t deny me, Cyril. I need this.”
“I can’t make love, it would only hurt you.”
Her kisses traveled down his chin to his neck. “Then hurt me.” She unbuttoned his pants, unzipping them slowly. His huge shaft was already straining to get out. She leaned over and kissed it tenderly.
Cyril pulled off his clothes, freeing his massive dick from its confines. Its immense stature looked ready to conquer the world. She grasped onto it with her hand, unable to encircle it completely. “You are a big man,” she purred. Lauren wrapped her lips around the head of it and moved up and down on his shaft. It was laughable how little she could actually take into her mouth, but Cyril groaned in pleasure. She stroked him using both hands to encircle his full circumference.
“Oh, Lauren. Just keep doing that and I will come for you.”
She immediately stopped. “No, Cyril. I need to feel you inside me.
“You’re too small,” he protested.
“I’m begging you. Please, I need this.”
The worried expression on his face slowly relaxed. “If we are really going to do this, I need to get something first. Why don’t you lie on the bed.”
Lauren giggled in excitement and tiptoed over to his large bed. She quickly stripped her clothes while Cyril hunted through his top dresser drawer, cursing as he searched.
“Where the hell is it? I know I had one left.” He finally held up his hand in triumph. She noticed the foil wrapped coin between his fingers. Cyril moved towards her, his cock looking like a sword. She tingled all over as he approached.
“Scoot to the edge of the bed for me.” Lauren eagerly complied, grabbing a strand of her hair and twirling it in anticipation when she settled back on the bed. Cyril stared at her naked body with a looked of reverence. “So delicate and lovely…” he murmured, as he knelt down on the floor beside the bed.
He moved between her legs and gently kissed her mound. She gasped, twisting the hair tighter around her finger when she felt his tongue flick the inside of her wet folds. He caressed her sex lavishly with his mouth, creating a fiery ache.
“I want you, Cyril,” she moaned.
“Are you sure you’re ready?”
“I’m desperate for you.” Her body trembled, needing his impossibly large hunk of manhood inside her. She watched in anticipation as he rolled the condom over his enormous cock and moved between her legs.
Cyril spread her wet outer lips, positioning his massive head against her opening. He pushed, but her willing body resisted. “Just a minute,” he said. Leaving her on the bed, he walked into the bathroom and came back with a tube of lubricant. “This should help.” He spread it liberally over the latex and then positioned his cock against her again. “You’ll need to relax.”
She nodded her head, propping herself up so she could watch the penetration. He tried to force himself into her entrance, but couldn’t make any progress. Cyril grabbed her hips and rocked his huge shaft against her harder. She groaned when his vast head finally disappeared into her pink recesses. It stretched her more than she had ever been stretched. She loved the ache it caused. “More, Cyril. I want more.”
He grunted and pulled out a little before pushing back in. She watched in fascination as his giant rod slowly powered its way into her. At one point, Lauren threw her head back on the pillow and started panting. His cock was demanding more than her body could give. “Do you want me to stop, Baby Girl?” he murmured.
She stopped breathing when he said that name. Lauren fought back emotional tears and said with conviction, “No. Please, I want to take all of it.” He licked his lips in concentration as he repositioned her and pushed in further. “Oohhh,” she moaned, shocked her body was able to take more of him. “Make me take all of you,” she purred.
Cyril groaned as he continued to force his massive shaft into her small frame. There was nothing else but his cock, stretching and prodding deeper. It would not rest until it claimed all of her and she needed it. She started moaning loudly as his shaft expanded her opening beyond capacity. “Are you in yet?” she gasped.
“Almost, Baby.”
“Good, I can’t wait until you start fucking me with your huge cock.”
He grunted in response and lifted her ass off the bed cupping her buttocks. With a demanding thrust, he pushed the last of his shaft into her making her scream out in pleasure-pain. “Oh, that feels good. I love it!” she exclaimed, staring at the impossibly large cock between her legs. The lips of her pussy stretched to near tearing. Her clit splayed out and vulnerable. Lauren looked up at Cyril and smiled.
“Are you ready for me to start thrusting?” he growled softly.


  1. This was the 2nd book that I read by red it really speaks to me on many different levels. I think you inspire more people then you know. I love your books and would never laugh because I think your right people need to hear this message and you give them that. Thank you doesn't begin to express my gratitude as a fan!

    1. Thank you, Jade. Your comment means a lot to me.