Saturday, December 15, 2012

On the Fifthteenth Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A wild tale of a young girl called to protect her wolf clan...

If you read Red Phoenix, then you know my erotica is a little unconventional. That is made even more apparent when I write paranormal erotica. If you are expecting a normal wolf shifter story, you have another thing coming. Layla's story is inspiring, but part of the ritual she performs is TABOO. Do not read unless you have an open mind. I was quite shocked when the ending came to me. However, it totally made sense to the story so I remained true to her tale.

Warning: Only read if you can handle foursomes, a variety of sexual positions, and shifter sex.

Excerpt from the The Keeper of the Wolf Clan: 
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She was led to the table where the four Alpha leaders sat. Layla sat down in the honorary seat in the middle of the group, between Maska and Etan. Maska took her hand and kissed it tenderly, “Welcome Keeper. We are proud to have you with us tonight.”
Layla trembled inside at the intimate gesture, knowing that he might be the one to take her tonight. She sat down and looked to her left. Etan actually blushed when she caught his eye. “You look lovely,” he mumbled and then quickly looked away. Layla wondered now if was going to be Etan who would claim her virginity. He’d never been bashful around her before or called her “lovely”. The thought scared her, but Layla knew he would be gentle - as gentle as he could be for as big as he was.
Layla looked further down the table and saw Amari. He was staring back at her with intensity. She could tell the Alpha was contemplating whether she was capable of performing her duty. The expression on his face made her think he was unsure, but he gave her an encouraging smile and went back to his food.
That left only one man, the one to the right of Maska. As much as Layla didn’t want to look at him, her curiosity got the best of her. She tried to sneak a peek without being caught, but Valen was staring straight at her - right into her soul with those hateful green eyes. She quickly glanced down at her dinner bowl. It was full of succulent meat, but there was no way she could eat. Instead, Layla grabbed the cup of spirits in front of her. She took a tentative taste and nearly spit it out. It was bitter and burned like fire down her throat.
Maska smiled and held up his glass. “It’ll help with the evening if you partake, Keeper.” He took a long gulp and burped afterwards. Layla shook her head. Maska was crass, but in a charming way. She took another sip and it went down easier. He winked at her.
Etan picked up his cup and the three drank in unison. The fire traveled straight to her groin. Soon the area between her legs was tingling and wet. Layla giggled when she took another sip and found she was all out. She looked around, hoping someone would refill it.
Maska laughed and whispered in her ear, “You only get one, my dear. You must be able to perform your duties and I think one more glass would take you out.”
Layla pouted. The spirits relaxed her and made her body feel good, real good. Just a little more and she would be able to face anything, even Valen. She looked down the line again and stuck her tongue out at him.
Etan’s hand was on her arm in a flash. “No, Keeper. At all times you must be respectful and dignified. What would your mother think?”
His words filled her with shame. Mika had always taken the role of Keeper seriously and would not have approved of her behavior. “I’m sorry, Etan,” she said in a hushed tone.
“I know you won’t let it happened again,” he said, just like a parent. She glanced up looking for forgiveness. He smiled down at her with that big grin and bushy beard, but she couldn’t miss the look of lust in his eye. Her heart skipped a beat. He was definitely going to be the one.
When the full moon crested the horizon, the four stood up. It was their cue for the Bonding Ritual to begin. Layla suddenly felt weak, her heart threatening toburst. She stood up, bracing herself against the chair. Valen walked over and offered his hand. She wanted to spit in his face, but Layla took it and allowed herself to be led away.
She looked back only once. Layla saw her father standing still as a statue, but her friend Triss threw her a kiss. She knew it was a good luck kiss and it gave her courage. She was brave enough for this.
When they were outside the village, Layla tried to shake Valen’s hold on her arm. His grip was strong and unyielding. “Let me go, Valen,” she complained.
“Quiet,” Amira barked. “There will be no talking until we reach the ritual area.”
Her nemesis led her to the Sacred Hill sporting a slight grin on his face. Her anger towards him quelled her fears. Valen was probably acting as escort because he was the lowest man in the totem pole. She had nothing to fear from him tonight, he was just a pup among the Alphas. If Etan hadn’t been beside her, she would have stuck her tongue out again.
By the time they reached the top of the hill, the moon had fully crested over the horizon and was shining in all its glory. Moonlight was softer than sunlight and gave everything a heavenly hue, including her hair. It glistened a brighter white.
Once they came up to the altar, Valen let her go. Layla rubbed her arm with a look of distaste. He snorted humorously, obviously not offended by her calculated gesture.
The four faced her in a semi-circle. Amira spoke, being the elder of the Alphas. “Layla, know that we loved your mother. We are devastated by her loss.
Layla’s bottom lip quivered. She could not trust herself to speak, so she nodded her head.
“We are honored to have her daughter join us tonight as our new Keeper.”
She smiled uneasily, unsure what to say.
Amira’s tone became more official when he continued, “Do you come here of your free will to perform the duties as the clan’s Keeper?”
Layla said confidently, “Yes, I do.”
“If at any time you are unwilling, you must speak up. The Ritual will end and you will be free to go. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Amira, I understand.”
“Are you ready to begin?”
She was not nearly as confident when she answered, “Yes.”
            Maska came up behind her and slowly untied the laces on her gown. The dress fell effortlessly onto the grass. Instinctively, she tried to cover herself with her hands, but Maska took her wrists and gently pulled them down to her sides. Although she had been naked before while she transformed, it felt different now with the three men staring at her naked body. Layla was further embarrassed when she looked down and saw that her nipples were hard from the cool night air. 
             The men looked her over without shame.

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