Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A walk on the wild side of exhibitionism...

It was time to find out what Troy was up to in India (a country I have fallen in love with from afar. He is trying to forget Amy, and has a little Italian doing all she can to distract him. Her thing? Having quickies all over India.

Excerpt from the short story Thrilling Her: 
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“Take me to the Rajabai Clock Tower. It’s only twenty minutes from here.”
On the drive over, Delfina spread her legs and hiked up her skirt. Troy clearly saw her dark-haired pussy glistening with excitement. Having pounded her once, his dick was desperate to take it again.
Once they arrived at the destination, she leaned over and whispered. “Touch me. Feel the heat of my fica.”
Even though there were people walking past their car, Troy slid his finger into her pussy with relish. He groaned when he felt how wet she was. He started to stroke her, but she pulled away. “No, no.”
Before they entered the tower, Delfina took a picture. “Something to remember this by. Now come with me, Amor.” He willingly followed behind her, enjoying the view her short skirt provided as she climbed the spiral staircase. Troy felt the sexual tension rise the closer they got to the top. He knew in a few minutes that he would be deep inside that naughty pussy of hers.
Unfortunately, a talkative British couple at the top was intent on befriending them. Delfina laughed and encouraged them to share stories knowing full well it was driving Troy crazy. The couple finally left, but only after Delfina promised they’d meet for coffee later on.
She winked at Troy. “Are you ready, Amor?”
He growled hungrily, “I have been since the car.”
Delfina giggled, leaning over the railing suggestively. She arched her back, spread her legs and wiggled her ass. He looked around before hiking her skirt up, exposing her moist cunt. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his aching dick. It was purple from having waited so long. Troy thrust into her aggressively. She gasped, but Troy could tell it pleased her.
“Yes, Amor. Punish my fica for making you wait so long.”
He held her down against the rail taking her deep, needing to hear her cry out. She did not disappoint. Delfina’s moans echoed through the campus square and attracted the attention of a student walking down below. The young woman looked up and waved.
He continued to pump her deep, enjoying the idea of fucking Delfina in broad daylight while a stranger interacted with them - oblivious to what she was witnessing.
“I’m going to come inside you, Delfina. Right now, while that woman waves at you,” Troy growled.
“Oh, yes. Do it, do it!”
She waved back to the student as He rammed his cock into her. He pressed her body against the railing as his penis repeatedly thrust hot come into her warm depths. Delfina managed to throw the woman a kiss as she took his onslaught. “Bello, bello…” she whispered to him.
To his surprise, Troy saw the young woman enter the bottom of the tower. It appeared she was coming up to meet them. He pulled out after his orgasm subsided and zipped his pants. Delfina adjusted her skirt, laughing under her breath.
“What are you going to say to her?” Troy asked.
“That it was such a bella day I just had to share it.”
He smiled. “Do you think she knows what we were doing?”
“We shall find out soon enough, Amor.” Delfina kissed his cheek and walked to the doorway to greet the woman.

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