Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the Twentieth Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A little fun with DP...

There are so many combinations you can do with two hunky men and a little lady. I wanted to explore some of those options in the third book. Dan, Jenny and Ryan are having fun exploring the possibilities, but someone wants to break the newsexy threesome up...

Excerpt from Blissfully Broken: 
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She groaned loudly when Dan licked the length of her sex and then started flicking his tongue against her erect clit. “You’re so tasty after you come,” he muttered between licks. His thumb slipped inside her pussy while his index finger caressed her puckered hole.
Jenny’s knees buckled and Ryan had to catch her. “I think we should move this to the bed,” he stated.
Both men stripped before they made their way to the large bed. Dan’s defined chest with blond curls begged to be caressed. She snuck a quick peek at his thick cock and wondered how it would feel this time. He noticed her stare and smiled as he brushed back his long bangs. The simple gesture melted Jenny’s heart—it always had.
Ryan lay on the bed first so she turned her attention on him. His chest was smooth and his shaft already rigid, eager for the festivities to begin. He stroked his long cock slowly with one hand, commanding lustfully, “Come and make love to me, beautiful.”
She gazed into his jade eyes as she crawled to him. He helped her straddle his hips and then groaned in pleasure as she eased his lengthy, thin shaft into her moist depths. Having just come, her body easily enveloped his entire length. She leaned over and kissed him, trying to express with her body the deep love she felt for the man.
Meanwhile, Dan thoroughly lubricated his thick member before getting onto the bed to join them. “Baby, I’m going to take this real slow. Normally you are the one in control, but it’s not possible with DP. You need to trust that I’ll be gentle.”
She looked back towards him and purred, “I trust you completely, Dan.”
He caressed her buttocks with reverence. “You’re so incredibly beautiful, Jenny. Your copper Cherokee skin is such a turn-on.” He pulled her long black hair back and stroked it lovingly with one hand while the other began playing with her ass. He ran his index finger around the rim, covering it in lubricant and then he barely pushed against it before retreating. He teased her little hole, making it crave deeper penetration.
She started grinding against Ryan’s cock, rocking on it so that the movement pushed Dan’s finger deeper into her ass. She felt the difference immediately. With a shaft inside her, his finger seemed so much bigger but his touch remained sensual and tender. Dan took his time and soon had her moaning in pleasure.
She felt him slip another finger inside her taut hole. She groaned as her muscles constricted around it, but her body began to relax and accepted his gentle stroking. He withdrew his fingers and moved into position. Jenny tensed when she felt him spread her apart and press the head of his cock against her anus.
“Relax, baby. We’ve got all the time in the world.” His magic hands started massaging her back as he pushed a little harder. Her body resisted, but he did not force it. He kept the constant pressure as he caressed her back and played with her hair. She felt her body slowly open to him and the head of his cock slipped in. She gasped at the feeling of incredible fullness it gave her.
Ryan grunted underneath her. “Oh shit…” He started to thrust, but Dan stopped him.
“Don’t move yet. Wait until I’m in all the way.” 

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