Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On the First Day After Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

A taste of the flogger under Marquis' expert hand...

Truly, I had intended to end Brie's story after the second night of class, but fans would have none of it. It was while writing novelette three that I determined I would write Brie's full course. There were many Doms and many experiences I wanted to share.

Excerpt from Brie Learns Her Power as a Submissive:   
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“Do you realize how beautiful you are right now?” he murmured. “Black lace covering your eyes, the black silk cascading down your back from your wrists and those delectable nipples hard with anticipation for what is yet to come…”
He leaned in even closer and said, in a barely audible whisper, “Clark and Coen wanted to dismiss you after they learned of Thane’s breach of protocol last night.” Marquis Gray had given her a gift by confirming Sir’s first name, but the joy of that was tempered by the knowledge that all of the trainers knew the nature of her intimate encounter with Sir. He continued, “But Gallant and I don’t believe such obvious talent should suffer for Thane’s little indiscretion.” He moved to her other ear. “Prove those two wrong, my little pearl. Show them that you are more than Thane’s plaything.”
He stood up and said in a commanding voice, for everyone to hear, “Lean forward more.”
Brie did as she was told and held her breath while she waited for the sting of the flogger. Instead, Marquis Gray’s touch was light as he rubbed the lace against her skin. The roughness of it felt like a gentle scratch, and Brie relaxed. He rubbed her upper back just under the shoulder blades on both sides of her spine. When there was a pleasant warmness to the area, he began gently slapping her skin with the flat of his palm. It reminded her of a doctor tapping the vein just before the poke of a needle.
She sighed nervously. Her body was starting to tingle in anticipation of her first real flogging, but this wasn’t punishment. It was somehow sensual—a completely different animal.
She heard him rifle through the chest. “We are warming up, pearl. To make this a pleasurable experience, I need to get your endorphins flowing.” With that, she heard and felt the stinging slap of the leather glove. She gasped out of surprise, although it didn’t exactly hurt. “What is your color?” he asked.
Brie realized he was asking how she was doing and answered immediately, “Green.”
“Fine.” He brushed her hair to the side so he had free access to her back. His touch suddenly had a different feel. Her body was attuned to it, hungry for it.
He addressed the other girls when he spoke. “Never let an amateur practice flogging on you. It can be a harmful activity if a novice attempts it. Understand that there are only certain areas on the human body that can be flogged without causing damage. Choose an experienced Dom or have your Dominant study and practice on inanimate objects before he or she ever lays a hand on you. Am I making myself perfectly clear?”
The girls must have nodded because Marquis Gray turned his attention back to Brie, tracing a circle on her back before slapping the area with the glove. The tingling in her body increased as he continued to strike her with the glove with a constant, rhythmic pattern. It gave her body the chance to anticipate each hit, making the little electrical shockwaves of each contact more enjoyable.
“Color, pearl?” he said in a low, lustful tone.
“Are you ready for more?”
Her heart quickened. “Yes, Master.”
His baritone laugh caused her juices to flow. “Ah, I like hearing that word come out of your mouth.” She heard him discard the glove and assumed he was picking up the flogger. In her mind, it was a jet black one with fifty tails. She could just imagine how she looked, her hands still at her neck bound by the black silk, her eyes covered in lace, her chest panting rapidly, the skin on her back red from the leather. Then there was Marquis Gray, poised behind her, ready to lash her with the menacing-looking flogger. What were the other girls thinking? How did it make Sir feel?
Brie cleared her mind and readied herself for the first hit. She had thought she was ready, but she was not. The multiple tails hit the right side of her back with a loud thud, and she yelped.
“Color?” he asked.
“Perfect.” Her Dom stroked her hair with his free hand, causing a river of tender sensations. “Your endorphins are starting to flow now. Do you feel it?”
She nodded, hoping he would continue stroking her hair, but he pulled back and announced, “I am going to flog you on the other side now. Give in to the sensation. Embrace it.” She heard the movement in the air before she felt the impact. A loud thud echoed in her head. This time, she whimpered softly. Although his swing had been a little harder, it left her feeling warm.
“Yellowish green.”
He chuckled. “I think you are properly warmed up, pearl.”
He moved away from her and then the sound of Mozart suddenly filled the auditorium. He placed something in front of her and said, “Lean against it. You’ll need the support when you enter subspace.” She leaned her chest against what must have been a stool.
He stood behind her and said soothingly, “Enjoy the ride.”
She took a deep breath, feeling almost lightheaded. There was no fear, only excitement for what was about to happen. The rain of blows began in steady rhythm with the music. Each thud of contact sent waves of electricity through her body. The sensation started at the point of contact, but grew as it flowed through her. It reminded her of a drop of rain landing in still water. Tears of pleasure squeezed themselves through the blindfold as she let the music and sensations carry her.
Brie was disappointed when he stopped. He lightly brushed the curve of her neck with his fingers. She moaned softly at the intimate contact. Then he took the silk hanging from her wrists and teased her skin with the ends of it. She purred as the cool silk trailed over her warm back. Her whole body focused on the erotic feel of it.
“Color?” he growled lustfully. It was obvious by the tone of his voice that he found his role sexually exciting.
“Green, Master. Oh, so very green.”
“More then?”

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