Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On the Twenty-Fifth Day of (Christmas Day) Red Phoenix Gave to Me

Brie's first session with Sir...

After getting fan mail begging for Brie's second day, I decided to continue so readers could see what happened between Brie and Sir the next night. It is a memorable encounter.

Excerpt from Brie Learns to Obey:   
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“I see those shoes are doing a number on your pretty little feet. Does it hurt?”
“Not much,” she lied.
He smiled and lightly caressed them. “My devoted little student,” he murmured. Then he secured her ankles so that her legs were spread and ready for him.
Sir walked to the other side of the room and opened a door. She heard the sound of running water. When he came back, he had a wet cloth in his hand. He used it to tenderly bathe her entire body. Every time the cloth began to get cold, he went back to the room and rinsed it with warm water. By the time he was finished, she felt completely clean and fresh.
He put the cloth away and shut the door quietly. Instead of coming to her, he leaned against the wall and stared at Brie—at her naked body, strapped down and eager for him. She basked in his gaze. It was just like the website photo; her fantasies were now her reality.
“Some men think they need toys to excite a woman, but I don’t believe that. No, I believe firmly in the power of touch.” He continued to gaze at Brie, without making a move towards her. The fact he was taking his time made her want him all the more.
When Sir finally pushed away from the wall and walked towards her, she was literally trembling in anticipation. When his hand lightly touched her stomach, she gasped. All her awareness was focused on that one area. He gave her a leisurely smile as his fingers made their way up to her breasts. Brie closed her eyes when they made contact with her hard nipples. She moaned without meaning to and heard his light chuckle.
“That’s it, Brie. Give in to your desire.”
Hearing Sir call her by her given name affected her deeply. She began panting, unsure if she could handle his lovemaking.
He bent over her and began sucking on her left nipple. She bit her lip, trying not to cry out like a silly girl. Sir pinched her other nipple and then started sucking harder. She arched her back in response, moaning his name.
He reached one of his hands between her legs and felt her excitement. “You’re one hot, little sub,” he murmured seductively. “Something tells me your body is aching for me to fuck your sweet, virginal ass.”
Brie whimpered and rubbed her eager pussy against his hand. He penetrated her moist depths with his middle finger. “Hot and willing, are you?” Sir pulled his finger out of her wet pussy and then pressed his tongue against her throbbing clit. He started licking the sensitive nodule as he pushed his slippery finger against her anus. She cried out passionately as he pushed his finger into her nasty little hole.
“Oh, this virgin may be tight, but she wants my cock stroking her in the ass,” he said confidently. She nodded in agreement, too embarrassed to agree with him out loud.
Sir would have none of it. “What does this little virgin want?”
Brie paused a few seconds before answering. “To be taken by you, Sir.”
“Beg for it, Brie.”
“Please, Sir. Take my virginal ass with your cock.”
“Do you want me to be gentle or rough?”
Again, she paused. “Whatever is your pleasure, Sir.”
“So agreeable, like a proper submissive,” he growled. “I think it pleases me to give you both…”
He quickly undid the restraints and told her to get on her hands and knees. He strapped down her wrists so that she rested her weight on her forearms. Then he buckled her ankles in place, leaving her with her legs spread apart and her ass in the air.
With unhurried motions, Sir undressed in front of her, exposing his manly chest first. It was covered in dark hair and well-defined muscles. She watched with desperate interest as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off, along with his briefs. His cock was princely, perfectly portioned with a thick base and a slightly longer than normal shaft.
“Oh, yes. This entire cock is going deep inside you today,” he assured her.
Sir moved onto the table and positioned himself behind her. He caressed her round buttocks, squeezing them in his hands before lightly slapping each. “There is nothing sweeter than a virginal ass begging to be fucked. Tell me again what you want, Brie.”
“I want you deep inside me, Sir.”
“As you wish.”
She suddenly felt cold gel drip into the crease of her buttocks, and then Sir’s finger pushed the cool liquid into her warm, puckered hole. He soon replaced his probing finger with his sizable cock. He wasted little time forcing the head of his shaft into her. Brie gasped and panted as she grew used to the new sensation. Even after the butt plug the day before, she found his cock stretching her in places never tried before. It almost hurt, but her body needed him so badly.
“Relax, Brie. Let my cock dominate you,” he murmured, stroking her hair. Sir reached around and began caressing her breasts as he groaned passionately in her ear. Centimeter by centimeter, Sir made his way into her tight, virginal hole. He opened her up more the deeper he pushed. “We’re halfway, Brie. Do you think you can take more?”

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