Friday, December 14, 2012

On the Fourteenth Day of Christmas Red Phoenix Gave to Me

The Conclusion of Amy's Journey to the Arms That Loooove Her...

I decided to have a little humorous fun at Amy's expense when I had her lose her memory because of  a falling mum. :) In this final story, all the men come back into her life. She must decide who is right for her, not based on memories - but her heart.

Excerpt from the short story Amy's Choice: 
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Amy snorted. “Getting hit with a flowerpot is just plain embarrassing.” She blushed and looked away from him, noticing that her room was full of mums. “What the hell…”
The guy laughed good-naturedly. “Yeah, well it made the news and chrysanthemum retailers everywhere wanted to send their condolences and thank you. There has been huge discussion in the media about the worthiness of mums and sales have skyrocketed accordingly.”
“So, who are you anyway? A reporter?”
The man’s face fell. “What, you don’t know me?”
Amy bit her bottom lip. It was obvious he was someone she was supposed to know. “Are you my brother?” she ventured. The defeat in his eyes clearly meant he was not.
“Amy, it’s me, Brad.” He took her hand and kissed it gently.
She blushed. Oh, so you must be my boyfriend, she thought. From out of nowhere, the tears started to fall.
“What’s wrong? Are you feeling okay?”
She whimpered quietly, “I don’t remember you at all. What else don’t I remember?”
“Look, I’ll get the doctor. Don’t worry, Amy. Everything will be alright.” Brad disappeared out into the hallway.
Soon after he left, Amy heard another man’s voice outside her room. “What? She’s awake? Why didn’t anyone tell me?”
In walked a handsome fox with a mop of blond curls. “Amy! You are back among the living!” His smile was contagious. The man walked right up and wrapped his arms around her in a bear hug. Not knowing who he was, she could not return the embrace. “What’s wrong, Miss Amy?”
Miss Amy? What a strange way to address her… and he was acting as if they were close. Was he part of her family? She blurted, “Are you my brother?”
The same look the other guy gave her was reflected on this man’s face. She really needed to stop guessing. He laughed in disbelief. “Amy, what are you saying? You know who I am.”
The other man came in following closely behind the doctor. “She doesn’t know who you are, Troy. So stop pestering her.”
When Amy heard the name Troy, her heartbeat increased. There was something familiar and safe about that name. She looked at the blond, hoping his face would ring a bell. It didn’t.
The doctor told the two men to leave so he could examine her. Amy was desperate to piece together her past, but the doctor asked a string of unrelated questions. After he was finished questioning her, he said, “Miss Gardner, it is not unusual to have temporary memory loss after a serious concussion. You should start recalling things in the next day or two. There is always a possibility that it is more permanent, but there is no reason to think that at this point. Let’s assume the impact has jarred you a bit.” Even though Amy tried to hold back the tears, she started to cry. The doctor looked uncomfortable and stammered, “There’s nothing to be concerned about. Now tell me on a scale of one to ten, how severe is your headache?”
He successfully distracted Amy from her tears as she answered his question. “It only hurts when I lift my head, but when I do it’s a seven.”
“I’m not surprised. We’ll keep you here under observation for the next few days. By then we should have a better idea what’s going on.” He patted her arm stiffly and added, “Everything is going to be fine, Miss Gardner.”
When he left the room, the two men came back in. Amy was struck by how good looking both of them were. Was it possible they were both her boyfriends? “Who are you?” she asked the blond.
He smiled and made the motion of tipping an imaginary hat. “My name is Troy Evans. We met over a year ago because of my cousin Greg. Does the name Greg mean anything to you?”
Amy shook her head. “No, but I like your name.” She smiled shyly and added, “Troy is a good name.”
Both men shared a glance, communicating something silently and then Troy asked, “What did the doctor say? If you don’t mind me asking.”
“He thinks the accident caused temporary memory loss, but assures me I will get them back. I hope I do…” Amy felt the tears coming again.
“Amy, please don’t cry.” Troy came over and wrapped his arms around her again. She closed her eyes. Even though Amy didn’t remember him, Troy’s embrace felt safe and warm just like his name.
“Give her space,” Brad snapped. “She doesn’t even know who you are. You think she wants strangers hanging on her like that?”
Troy slowly pulled away, looking down at her. “Amy, you’ve got to remember me. You and I have had rousing good times together. I’d be happy to tell you about them if he,” Troy nodded at Brad, “would give us a moment alone.”
“I am not leaving Amy alone with a cad like you.”
“Amy never mentioned anyone named Brad and I was with her a week before the accident.”
Amy looked over at Brad again. He gazed at her with such intensity it made her stomach flutter. “Amy and I have a long history together. Longer than yours I can assure you.” Brad took her hand again and squeezed it gently. “Circumstances separated us, but that’s in the past.” He moved in close. “I’m here for you, Amy.”
His words had a calming effect. I’m here for you… Those were powerful words. “I appreciate that,” she said softly, staring into those heavenly green eyes.

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