Friday, December 12, 2014

Dec 2014: Brie Bows to Her Master by Red Phoenix

This end if Brie's incredible training has come and with it her decision for a Master.

I giggled, cried, and squeaked as I wrote this final novella in Brie's Submissive Training.

There was so much packed into this ending that it was twice as long as the others in the serial. My muses had so much to say!

Whether or not you agree with who she chooses, you have to admit it is one spectacular - not to be forgotten - ending.

Excerpt from Brie Bows to Her Master:

Tonight, I tease your body as I acquaint you with something new.”
Brie relaxed and gave in to the sensation. He ran the spur-like wheel over her exposed skin, acclimating her to its unique pleasure. Once he had her skin tingling from it, she heard his belt buckle being undone.
She was surprised to feel his shaft press against her pussy and immediately reacted. “I can’t!” Brie tried to scoot backwards, but he held her still. She cried out from inside the hood, “I can only couple with my trainer if other trainers are around, Master.”
He chuckled lightly as his tight grip on her loosened. “Ah, but I am not technically a staff member of the Center. The rules do not apply to me, young Brie.”
She nodded her head inside the hood and relaxed back on the table.

“Do not worry, I wouldn’t risk your training or my reputation,” he said soothingly as he began caressing her pussy with his massive cock. He spread her legs wider, coating his manhood with her juices as he readied Brie for penetration.

Fan made quoted pic for Brie Bows

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