Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dec 2014: Brie Learns to Obey by Red Phoenix

Fans demanded to know what happened on Brie's second day of training.

I happily shared the delight and challenges of that second day. We see a friendship bloom and a rivalry start, as well as the greatly anticipated encounter between Sir Davis and Brie.

I created the cover trying to capture the innocence and allure of Brie. It's a favorite among fans.

So much happens in this second novelette, the seeds are being planted...but even then I thought that was the end of Brie's story. I mean, who cared what happens on Day Three? Apparently a lot of people did... ;)

Excerpt from Brie Learns to Obey:

“How did you know?” she whispered.
“Know what, Miss Bennett?”
“That I wanted this.”
Sir laughed lightly. “The way you responded to Miss Wilson’s lesson today made it fairly obvious.” She was embarrassed, but grateful he could easily read her desires. He pointed towards two chairs in the corner. “I want to talk to you before we begin.”
She nodded, and sat down only after Sir took a seat.
“Miss Bennett, you should know that I am breaking protocol here. Normally, a trainer does not interact with a student, but I am not a man who is easily denied. I have wanted to take your sweet little ass ever since I saw you bend over the box of cigarettes in the tobacco shop. As headmaster of this school, I know where your training is headed and if I want your virginity, I need to take it now.”
His words sent shivers of delight through her body. “I understand, Sir.”
“You can refuse me.”
“I do not wish to, Sir.”

“Fine. Then undress and kneel beside me.”

Fan made quoted pic for Brie Learns to Obey

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  1. Loved this one because Sir admits his attraction to Brie and that it is causing him to break policy

  2. This is where I fell for Sir

  3. Thats when thane davis stole my heart an still has it. How he went an got what need an how he jus could keep deny himself such pleasure.