Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why Tsu is Good for Authors: By Red Phoenix

If you are an author, this is a great opportunity!

Why tsu is good for authors…

I saw the invitations to tsu and ignored them. Last thing I wanted was to start on a new social site. Who has the time? However, enough people talked about it so I took a peek, but it wanted me to sign in so I balked.
Then I started listening to popular indie authors who were loving this new site. They said the engagement with fans was incredible - like it used to be on FB in the old days. Fans were seeing their posts on their newsfeeds!

Tsu is different than FB because “Friending” someone means you BOTH can see each other's newsfeeds. “Following” means only YOU will see them on your newsfeed. You don't need to do both.

It is also different because tsu gives all members a portion of any sales they make advertising on the side of your page (same ads as FB has) but tsu pays you for it. THAT was the part that made me leery, because I don’t trust that shit.

Well, these author friends who have been on it for a while don’t make but pennies a week, so that is NOT the reason to join. You join because your fans can see each and every post you make on their newsfeeds. (Fans can also make pennies from the ads on tsu – everyone is equal.)

One interesting aspect is the creation of families. You cannot join tsu unless you are invited. I happily invite you (and any of my lovely fans) to join me:

By joining, you can start reaching your fan base, and experience what’s it’s like to be fully seen by the people who love your work!

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