Monday, December 22, 2014

Dec 2014: Brie Discerns Master's Heart by Red Phoenix

I was running full steam ahead when I wrote this novella. The confrontation with Faelan comes to a head, Master's mother makes her move and Brie presents her documentary to Mr. Holloway.

Master Anderson teaches Sir the bullwhip, letting Brie know that sexy challenges are ahead for her.

This was the final cover I published coming from Jimmy Thomas' private photo shoot. After that, I moved on to an incredible book cover designer, Viola Estrella. Designers are like partners, either you are in sync or your not. Viola "gets" me and I love working with her - actually look forward to it every time I need a new cover.

Excerpt from Brie Discerns Master's Heart:

“Sometimes you must be cruel to be kind.”
Brie took his hand and wove her fingers between his. “To be honest, Sir, I enjoy your cruel ways.”
His eyes took on a mischievous glint as he squeezed her hand and walked her into an alley. “I suddenly have a craving for you, babygirl.”
Brie’s loins tingled as she followed him. She glanced back, noting the people walking on the sidewalk less than fifteen yards away.
“Panties off.”
Her heart beat wildly as she stepped out of her panties and handed them to him. He slipped the thong into his jacket, before pushing her against the brick wall. “I want to taste you,” he growled huskily as he slipped his hand up her skirt.
Brie leaned her head back against the wall and let out a quiet moan as his fingers began caressing her pussy.

“That’s it, téa. Relax as I finger-fuck you in broad daylight.”

Wrap yourself in warm Brie this winter...CafePress.
Softest blanket I have every owned. So deliciously soft, it is a family favorite on cold nights.

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